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    Seven Ancient Wonders ~History

    Friday, December 12th, 2014


    “Voyage to the Pharos” is a great historical fiction.

    We used all of the other books as a reference.


    “Brick Wonders” was my favorite book for learning about the Seven Ancient Wonders!


    I had the boys look at the pictures of the books version of Ancient Wonders and then build their own.



    The Seven Ancient Wonders of Lego Land!


    The Statue of Zues and the Colossus of Rhodes.


    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


    The boys really liked building these!

    It helped them feel invested in the structures also so they wanted to learn about them.


    Their “Big Book of History” had a really good idea.

    They had them write out a tour guide brochure for the Ancient Wonders!



    I had them document on this map what countries the ancient wonders were as well to go with their tour guide.



    Travel Lego Box

    Wednesday, May 14th, 2014


    I bought the boxes for the project over a year ago when I first saw the project on the Dollar Store Mom blog.

    It was not until after I bought them though that I realized finding the lego plate would be difficult.

    I did not want to use any of my boys lego plates because they are all part of a set.

    Buy the lego plate first!


    Thankfully my husband gave himself a 3-D printer as a christmas gift!

    Here are the directions:

    Step 1 -Print a Lego Plate on your 3-D printer.

    What? Not everyone has one?


    I guess you unlucky people will have to go buy one then…

    Lego Travel Box

    I found a really good chart on Design Sponge for adhering plastic to wood, here.

    I used a glue gun which is not their top choice but so far it is working well.

    Travel Lego Box2

    Now we need to go on a long trip!!!

    Going to Miss This

    Monday, August 12th, 2013


    When I started this project it was because I wanted to cherish and document those moments that my boys grow out of.

    This was taken this morning.

    My youngest does not get up and snuggle in my lap anymore.

    He goes and quietly plays with legos.

    I am so glad I took a moment to appreciate those early morning snuggles with my boy.


    This quiet lego play will not be there forever.

    I will not hear doors opening and closing over and over again.

    Silence is not always golden.

    I will miss my little early morning noise maker.