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    Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum ~Seminole, OK

    Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

    It had been a while for some of my kids since we last came to the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum and some had never been.


    It is like a children’s village inside a building.

    Complete with a plane cockpit sticking out of a wall…

    aajasDSC_3716 aajasDSC_3748 aajasDSC_3767

    They can pretend to be teachers.








    Apparently crooked butchers…

    aajasDSC_3862 aajasDSC_3881



    Around each corner is a different way to play and pretend.


    Like an Ambulance sticking out of a wall.

    aajasDSC_3896 aajasDSC_3918 aajasDSC_3936 aajasDSC_3972 aajasDSC_4014 aajasDSC_4069

    We get the OMN membership added onto our Tulsa Children’s Museum membership so we can get 5 people in this museum using that.

    Every time we go I forget how big it is…

    Why do kids bounce back so quickly?

    Why can’t they be worn out all day like adults after going to places like this?

    30 Day Project ~Day 11 “Jasmine Moran”

    Monday, February 17th, 2014

    We finally visited the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum in Seminole, Ok again!

    It had been over two years since we went last and since they are on the Oklahoma Museum Network I wanted to go before our membership expired!

    day11My Day 11 pic.

    dinolook mirrors mirrors2

    Yes my boys dressed up in superhero costumes to go to the museum.

    My youngest only wore the Robin suit bottoms…


    The mirrors cracked them up.funnymirror town

    This part of the museum is laid out like a little town.courtroom judgej

    The only wanted to be the judge so they could pretend to smash their fingers with the gavel. pounding car spiderman

    The last time we came my oldest would not go in this climbing area.

    He almost did not this time but I urged him to go down the slide and just like that he was okay with it.platform climb waterworks

    I really like their waterworks area.

    We got to try out their Locks and see how they work!waterworksinside room shopping

    My little cashier whistling.whistle cashier

    They took their roles very seriously.customer firetruck bubbles4

    I am glad my boys still enjoy bubbles.

    They are so beautiful.bubbles3 bubbles2 bubbles

    The boys liked playing with air.air jasmine parimedics plane

    This airplane is very cool!insideplane inside


    We did not get to do the maze last time because of the heat so I was determined to go through it this time!maze street mazeinside

    It was a little harder than I thought it would be so I was really relieved that we made it though.me

    This place is huge!

    I feel like it is never ending.

    The boys love it of course and I am exhausted by the time we leave.

    Typical Children’s Museum.

    If you live in the area you really should check it out!

    It is worth it!