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    Shakespeare ~3rd & 4th Grade

    Saturday, January 30th, 2016

    My boys studied Shakespeare to go along with Galileo and the Conquistadors.

    That is why I love learning via timeline, you get to learn about things that don’t seem to go together.


    They really liked “The Winter’s Tale“, “Will’s Quill“, and “Hamlet.”

    Although my oldest(9) read a lot of the Lamb’s Tales of Shakespeare as well and seemed to like it(free version available for Kindle).

    Later on I found some really interesting interactive sites for Shakespeare.

    Literary Wonderland has a really cool rap version of Macbeth!

    The BBC site has a fun game they can play, here.

    They also have a 60 second version of Shakespeare that is like reading about the tale in the newspaper which I thought was fun, here.

    My boys spent a lot of time on the Modern Library site, playing their shakespeare quizzes and games.

    Their favorite part of this study was probably the live sword fight from Macbeth that we saw at the Natural History Museum in OKC.


    They could probably watch sword fights all day.

    Because they are boys…

    Do you have a favorite resource for Shakespeare?

    Just found this so I am adding it for my future reference.

    Shakespeare Solos, actors performing key speeches from his plays.

    Christopher Columbus ~Historical Fiction and Non Fiction 3rd&4th Grade

    Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015


    My 3rd grader said the above books were the only ones he liked.

    He also got upset with any books that were not directly about Columbus at first.

    I explained to him the importance of knowing what was going on in the time of Columbus and what his influence on the places he explored was.

    He finally gave in…



    My 4th grader (I don’t want to say how many times I have messed up his grade because 4th seems too old) said he pretty much liked them all!

    Except the “Animals Christopher Columbus Saw”, the cover looks good but it is pretty dry.

    I realized I was not really giving the boys much in the way of science this year so I am having them study Oceans and Sailing to go along with their study of Magellan.

    This has not been the year for science experiments.

    This has been the year of figuring out the best way to teach with more kids.

    Now that the first half is almost over I am hoping to add more fun in but I am so thankful my boys are such good readers!

    It has definitely been my saving grace!

    If you teach a child to read nothing can stand in their way!

    Including an overwhelmed mom…

    Leonardo Da Vinci Books ~3rd & 4th grade

    Tuesday, November 17th, 2015


    My oldest said he likes all of these. Ha.

    He is a pretty big fan of Leonardo Da Vinci!

    Who Was Leonardo da Vinci?

    Who Stole The Mona Lisa?

    Monday with a Mad Genius

    The Mystery of the Mona Lisa

    Leonardo and the Flying Boy

    Who Stole Mona Lisa?

    Mona Lisa; The Secret of the Smile

    Neo Leo

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Amazing Leonardo da Vinci Inventions

    I actually bought them a clock model to put together that was a concept of his.

    They broke it putting it together and then lost the instructions…