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    OKC History Center & Museum of Natural History

    Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

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    Museum of Natural History, Norman

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    Fight scene from Macbeth.

    They have activities going on in the month of January while the first Folio of Shakespeare is there.

    Homeschool Day at the OKC History Center ~Oklahoma City, OK

    Monday, October 20th, 2014


    This was our second year attending the Homeschool Day at the History Center in OKC!


    There were at least twice as many tables this year but some of them were more geared towards advertising.

    We did see a couple of museums we would like to check out though.





    We have seen this man who plays musical instruments at so many events!

    He always does an amazing job!


    Listening about life as a Civil War Soldier.



    What it would be like during a dust storm.

    My youngest said he could still see…


    We really need to visit the Museum of Osteology.


    The Surveyor did an amazing job.



    Making their brand.


    Looking for fossils.



    There was so much to do that we did not even visit the main part of the museum this year!

    I was too worn out!

    I am a wimp, what can I say?

    This is an amazing event and they do a great job!

    Oklahoma History Center ~OKC

    Friday, April 26th, 2013

    My boys and I headed to the Oklahoma History Center earlier this week while my husband was out of town.

    I figured I should just keep them going the whole time he was gone to get all that little boy energy out.

    It worked in draining energy.

    On me…

    The building is very impressive.

    I liked that they had touchable areas for kids!

    They had a little mock set of “OKLAHOMA”! My boys loved it!

    They got dressed up, went up there and sang the song.

    There is a tv they can see themselves on while singing also.

    Another touchable exhibit.

    Being a part of the land run.

    They really like touch screens!

    My babies are off to war…

    Little photographer.

    I made sure I got myself in a shot.

    My youngest is really into crazy posing right now.

    We really liked the oil derricks that you could walk right up to.

    They are so big!

    We had a great time!

    This was not our only stop though, we went to the OKC Zoo next!

    It was a LONG day!

    I will share pics of that later.

    Have you ever been to the History Center in OKC?

    I did not even know it was there until recently!