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I am a wife, homeschool mom, a hiker, and a photographer living in Oklahoma. I love beautiful light and being in the woods. I share what I love on this blog, be they trails, pictures, or homschooling curriculum. Thanks for stopping by!

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    Gloss Mountains State Park in the Winter ~Fairview, OK

    Thursday, January 19th, 2017

    This place is magic.

    You are driving along in terrain as flat as can be and suddenly there are these amazing buttes right in front of you.

    Totally unexpected and amazing.


    To add to the magic, the day was moody, cold, windy, and ice lingered in spots.

    The sun would suddenly light up the ice making it seem like you were in a different world.

    agloss7925 aglossDSC_7626 aglossDSC_7628 aglossDSC_7630 aglossDSC_7631 aglossDSC_7633 aglossDSC_7634

    I could look all day.

    You can hike along the top of Gloss Mountain.

    It is a bit of a climb to get to the top but has amazing views.

    aglossDSC_7636 aglossDSC_7638

    It was also cold and windy.

    At first that seemed like it would make the whole trip uncomfortable.

    aglossDSC_7640 aglossDSC_7642 aglossDSC_7649 aglossDSC_7652 aglossDSC_7653

    But the cold wind and cloudy skies made it even more breathtaking.

    Figuratively and literally 🙂

    aglossDSC_7660 aglossDSC_7665 aglossDSC_7667

    This was my girls first time here.

    I did not think we would be able to go because of the steep drops but my husband said we could do it.

    We kept little ones close.

    aglossDSC_7669 aglossDSC_7698 aglossDSC_7704 aglossDSC_7709 aglossDSC_7713 aglossDSC_7715

    We told the kids it looked like Elsa had been here…

    aglossDSC_7716 aglossDSC_7733 aglossDSC_7738

    It feels like you can see for miles.

    aglossDSC_7739 aglossDSC_7741 aglossDSC_7743 aglossDSC_7746 aglossDSC_7752 aglossDSC_7760 aglossDSC_7787

    The mud coated our shoes and made it hard to walk.

    It also kept the wind from blowing us off.



    My youngest son climbed up with a GoPro strapped to his head.

    I was not sure about what kind of video we would get but I ended up loving it.

    It is like we are being introduced to his world.

    A world where every sight has to be taken in at once and bouncing is constant.

    aglossDSC_7796 aglossDSC_7803 aglossDSC_7807 aglossDSC_7817 aglossDSC_7819

    I brought a little handheld microscope along so they could look at one of the rocks that give the mountain it’s name.

    It was pretty cool, so sparkly.

    aglossDSC_7828 aglossDSC_7831

    My youngest boy kept his arms in his coat.

    He and his brother thought it was going to be a lot warmer out and were happy to be in the car.

    aglossDSC_7841 aglossDSC_7845 aglossDSC_7851 aglossDSC_7852 aglossDSC_7854

    Little bit thought dropping ice on herself was funny.


    Pretty sure she is trying to lick dad…

    aglossDSC_7879 aglossDSC_7889 aglossDSC_7897 aglossDSC_7899 aglossDSC_7902 aglossDSC_7911 aglossDSC_7917 aglossDSC_7919 aUntitled

    It was an amazing adventure!

    I need to remember to go more often, it is worth the drive.

    We actually stopped at the Little Sahara State Park to check out the sand dunes after we were done.

    I have so many pics though I decided to break it up into different posts!

    Do you have a favorite spot in Oklahoma?

    Favorites from April 2016 ~Adoption

    Thursday, January 12th, 2017

    adeepforkdsc_0892 adeepforkdsc_0895 adeepforkdsc_0898 adeepforkdsc_0910 adeepforkdsc_0911 adeepforkdsc_0913 adeepforkdsc_0920 adeepforkdsc_0930 adeepforkdsc_0933 adeepforkdsc_0940 adeepforkdsc_0941 adeepforkdsc_0946 adeepforkdsc_0947 adeepforkdsc_0959 adeepforkdsc_0962

    Juggle Bubbles.

    I like them because they have to be so careful to not pop them.

    It is a great way to teach gentle.

    adeepforkdsc_0963 adsc_0161

    Youngest three did an easter egg hunt.

    adsc_0164 adsc_0170 adsc_0182 adsc_0212 adsc_0231 adsc_0246 adsc_0273 adsc_0379

    Hiking at Keystone Ancient Forest.

    adsc_0397 adsc_0454 adsc_0479 adsc_0543 adsc_0545 adsc_0547 adsc_0571 adsc_0574 adsc_0663 alakedsc_0773

    Nick and our youngest boy did a trail run together.

    alakedsc_0790 alakedsc_0802 arundsc_0699 arundsc_0713 arundsc_0718 arundsc_0722 arundsc_0726 arundsc_0729 arundsc_0736

    My kids pretty much ran around like crazy on this little patch of grass while we waited for them to finish running.

    arundsc_0742 arundsc_0751 arundsc_0763 arundsc_0776 arundsc_0800


    Hopefully we can do this again but with dad taking like 3 kids with him…

    Leaving me with only 2.

    I like those odds.

    Fall in the Keystone Ancient Forest with 5 kids

    Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

    akeystonedsc_9358 akeystonedsc_9370

    I took SO MANY pictures!!!

    I think the knowledge that I would be able to share them soon made me go crazy.


    This was the weekend before the adoption and I could not stop smiling about getting to share these pics.

    akeystonedsc_9384 akeystonedsc_9385

    Such a perfect fall day.


    “M” likes to wear a backpack on hikes with a few snacks and water.

    She is in the pink.

    akeystonedsc_9424 akeystonedsc_9426 akeystonedsc_9439 akeystonedsc_9451

    Yes I did take a hundred pics of the girls holding dad’s hand.

    It’s adorable.

    akeystonedsc_9453 akeystonedsc_9462

    Little bit always wants a ride.


    Kicking dirt.

    akeystonedsc_9488 akeystonedsc_9499

    “B’s” adorable face.

    I love her trying to hold back a smile face.


    My family is adorable.

    akeystonedsc_9543 akeystonedsc_9551 akeystonedsc_9566 akeystonedsc_9568

    Someone did not like the crisp fall air.

    akeystonedsc_9570 akeystonedsc_9574

    Always trying to see what big brothers are doing.

    akeystonedsc_9585 akeystonedsc_9603 akeystonedsc_9607 akeystonedsc_9611

    Those pom pom’s!

    So adorable!

    akeystonedsc_9623 akeystonedsc_9624 akeystonedsc_9626 akeystonedsc_9628

    They thought her long arms were pretty funny.

    akeystonedsc_9636 akeystonedsc_9641 akeystonedsc_9643 akeystonedsc_9656 akeystonedsc_9663

    I waited for years for this place to open.

    I am so glad they finally did it!

    It is only open on select Saturday’s though so you need to check their facebook page before you go.