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    Greenleaf State Park, Ankle Express Trail ~Braggs, OK

    Monday, January 13th, 2014

    We went to Greenleaf State Park on Saturday!

    We have been there twice but both times it has been VERY hot.

    I was looking forward to seeing this park a new way.

    You know, not through a delirious haze of heat exhaustion…

    mapWe chose to drive into the trailhead off State HWY 10 so we did not have to walk on the Highway.

    neglectedThe road in is really neglected and has a lot of deep ruts so I would not attempt this if you have a low vehicle.

    theroadYou can always start at the trailhead in the north side of the park.

    It will just add some miles to your hike.

    roadtrailIf you park at this second trailhead than their are two different places to start.

    This one is the first but there is a place further down the road with a better place to park that takes you along the lake.

    boys watercrossThere were plenty of water crossings.

    Much to my boys delight.

    They love them.

    I did not fall in so I was feeling pretty good about them as well.

    pinesPine forests are my happy place.

    me littleman arm2This little guy was right next to the trail with a buddy of his!

    We always hear Armadillos before we ever see them.

    If driving through a nature area or park it is best to have the windows down and be quiet.

    That way you can hear the rustling sound they make while searching for food.

    armThis is the closest I have been to one on a hike!

    bridge bridge2This bridge is where you start the main part of the Ankle Express trail.

    The full loop is around 18 miles with two primitive campgrounds.

    We took the smaller loop that turns at the Mary Cove Campground and ended up doing just under 9 miles.

    me3Even though the hills tried to kill me I apparently had enough energy left to do the small stunts that impress my boys…

    I have to do it while they are still impressed by things like jumping over a log!

    ice ice2The ice on the lake sounded like a windchime.

    So pretty.

    dock trees deerWe ended at that beautiful time right before sunset.

    Perfect time for pictures and wildlife viewing!

    I was hoping to see an eagle but no luck this time.

    January and February are the peak Eagle viewing months in Oklahoma.

    For a list of the best places to see one check out the travelok site, here.

    Greenleaf State Park ~Oklahoma

    Thursday, May 16th, 2013

    We went to Greenleaf State Park the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

    That was my request.

    I just want to be in the woods is what I told my husband.

    We went on the trail on the other side of the lake.

    Check out this link for a good map of this trail.

    The trail is marked really well after the bridge.

    It can be a little tricky finding the bridge the first time though.

    It is around a 17 mile loop trail.

    We only did a little over 5 miles though.

    Great Mother’s Day gift!

    *I forgot! Lots of poison ivy on close trails so I would advise pants not shorts for this trail!

    Greenleaf State Park , Geocaching, and Snakes…

    Monday, April 4th, 2011

    My darling husband (I think I shall call him that from now on) and I took are two little rascals to Greenleaf State Park near Muskogee, OK.

    We have not Geocached in a long time so we thought we would look up some caches this time.

    What is Geocaching you ask?

    Pretend like you asked…

    It is when you use a GPS to find treasure…

    That is what I tell my boys at least.

    The less exciting version is:

    Someone puts a water proof container (box, ammo can, film canister) in a location (mostly parks but they are sometimes just on the side of the road) and then puts the location up on the Internet. You then get the location, enter it into your GPS device, and try to find what they have hidden.

    The bigger caches (containers) hold little trinkets that you can trade another trinket of the same value for.

    Here is one of the caches we found (I actually found this one!). It was right in front of me and I just happened to look at it but that is just a technicality…

    This is my oldest trading his car for some lego’s.


    If you have boys and you tell them they are pirates looking for treasure they may think they have to defend it.

    Sorry to anyone that met us on the trail and my boys tried to attack you…

    This cache was located here.

    I saw it and said, “this is Oklahoma, you don’t hide things is a big rock pile. There are snakes.”

    Sometimes I wish I was wrong…

    This closer shot is courtesy of my darling husband(that nickname is really growing on me).

    He was looking for the cache when I hear, “hmm”.

    I know what that sound means.

    So I very anxiously asked, “what?”

    He said that he thinks he found a Cottonmouth and to bring him the camera.

    I did, because I am odd like that.

    How close was he you ask?

    I stayed a little farther back.

    One of us needed to live for the children’s sake.

    I thought I should end with something pretty to maybe help you forget the snake.


    You can find more information about Geocaching at geocaching.com

    Not all the caches have snakes guarding them. I promise!