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    Graham Cracker Houses ~Christmas Moments

    Wednesday, December 17th, 2014


    I am still trying to capture Christmas Moments but I am northern girl and this Okie weather is messing with me.

    I know some people love having warmer weather in December and hate being cold but I like snow.


    I remember when I was little, we moved to a new house.

    I must have already been upset about leaving friends and stuff but when it did not snow that Christmas I hated the new house.

    I thought it must be snowing at our old house(a good hour west of the new one)…

    My cat ran away, my friend was far away, and now no snow!



    I will try to pretend like it is snowing outside for my boys sake though.


    This icing was like paste.

    All over my hands.


    I tried to convince them to make waffle cone Christmas trees this year but they were set on these guys.


    The teddy bears are my favorite.


    I even shared some of my M&M’s with them!




    I told them they needed to wait to eat them until they showed their dad.


    They were really excited when he got home…

    They have improved quite a bit from the last time we made these!