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    Self Portraits and mini bikes

    Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

    aDSC_4788 aDSC_4801 aDSC_4802 aDSC_4809 aDSC_4817 aDSC_4818 aDSC_4820

    The mini bike was the boys Christmas gift that their Dad picked out.

    Ha! I am not sure I would have ever though of it but they do really like it.

    I really did not think I should take the time yesterday to get these shots so when I realized the focus was not finding us I knew I would just roll with it and take what I got.

    I like these more than I thought I would and am glad I did not have the time to redo them.

    I have been using my Gorillapod Tripod to take these shots.

    It is a really cool one that you can wrap around trees or take low shots like this.

    I would like to say I planned to use it but I actually was just too lazy to look for the missing attachment to my big tripod…