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    30 things before I am 30

    Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

    I shared this on facebook a couple years ago. I only have a year left so I thought I would share it here!!!

    Writing things down has been a great motivator to do some of them!

    A friend of mine did this and I thought it was an awesome idea! I am hoping it will be a big motivator to do these things.

    1. At least an Overnight hiking trip (this might change to a week) ~DONE!

    2. Overnight canoe trip ~ DONE!

    3. Ride in a hot air balloon -hopefully going to do this on my 30th birthday next year!

    4. Have a organized house ~Working on

    5. Hike to the top of Half Dome (Nick did this hike when he was still in the Navy)

    6. Visit the East Coast ~DONE!

    7. Go rock climbing

    8. Teach both boys to read ~DONE!

    9. Learn Mandarin~ Working on

    10. Take a self-defense class

    11. Go whitewater rafting

    12. See The Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis) -going on another trip to Minnesota this winter in hopes of seeing it.

    13. Go on a zip line tour

    14. Learn CPR

    15. Complete a 365-day challenge (I have started one but I wanted to put it on here!) ~DONE!

    16. Plant a wagon wheel herb garden ~Changed my mind. Trying to see if I can get anything to grow here.

    17. Memorize 50 scripture verses ~might have been a bit ambitious…

    18. Get my BMI to 24 and keep it there for a year ~Working on (now that I only have a week left to accomplish this…)

    19. Go to the Great Salt Plains State Park, OK ~DONE!

    20. Read 5 books off of the Radcliffe top 100 novels list ~Changed to 5 classic novels. I have already read Jane Eyre.

    21. Read 5 books of of the Random house top 100 non-fiction list ~Changed to just 5 non-fiction.

    22. Get or make a headboard for our bed ~My husband made me a whole bed instead!

    23. Paint the Living room (I have never painted it in the 6yrs we have lived here) ~DONE!

    24. Re-paint the boys room (It looks too much like a nursery) ~Put maps on walls instead!

    25. Find a way to go on more dates with Nick (We only go when parents are in town) ~DONE (at the time, I have not been good about it again…)

    26. Get my flowerbeds under control (I am fighting a loosing battle with crabgrass)

    27. Be able to use my library for it’s actual purpose instead of an extra closet! ~DONE! Now a school room.

    28. Work at getting the boys to appreciate doing outdoor activities ~DONE! They love being outside! Will still work on it.

    29. Master steering the canoe ~not sure this will ever happen…

    30. Learn how to say what I mean (I love talking in circles)