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    Route 66 Flywheelers ~Catoosa, OK

    Sunday, November 12th, 2017

    This event has been going on since 1991!

    It was a lot bigger than I thought and the people were so friendly.

    Great event to bring kids.

    ablancaDSC_2354 ablancaDSC_2356 ablancaDSC_2357 ablancaDSC_2358

    So many of the people loved kids!

    They had fun little things set up just for the kids that came.

    ablancaDSC_2359 ablancaDSC_2362 ablancaDSC_2368

    Such a beautiful smile.

    ablancaDSC_2369 ablancaDSC_2375 ablancaDSC_2378 ablancaDSC_2379 ablancaDSC_2380 ablancaDSC_2382 ablancaDSC_2383

    Some of the girls thought the gas engines smelled…

    ablancaDSC_2385 ablancaDSC_2389 ablancaDSC_2395 ablancaDSC_2400 ablancaDSC_2402 ablancaDSC_2406

    Isn’t this fun!

    This guy had a bunch of hands-on things set up for kids!

    ablancaDSC_2410 ablancaDSC_2416 ablancaDSC_2421 ablancaDSC_2426 ablancaDSC_2430 ablancaDSC_2432 ablancaDSC_2437 ablancaDSC_2441

    Making rope.

    ablancaDSC_2444 ablancaDSC_2454 ablancaDSC_2458 ablancaDSC_2462 ablancaDSC_2464 ablancaDSC_2467

    Tractor pull time.

    ablancaDSC_2472 ablancaDSC_2475 ablancaDSC_2478 ablancaDSC_2482 ablancaDSC_2487 ablancaDSC_2498 ablancaDSC_2508 ablancaDSC_2509

    These guys were cutting cedar shingles and handing them out to people.

    ablancaDSC_2513 ablancaDSC_2520

    The kids decided to make sleds.

    ablancaDSC_2521 ablancaDSC_2522 ablancaDSC_2527

    Such a fun event!

    Glad we got to go!

    Lilac Festival ~Claremore, OK

    Thursday, May 12th, 2011

    Wiener Dog race.

    Need I say more?

    Okay, I guess I will say more.

    We went to this festival purely for the wiener dog race. It was a little far for us to drive for one event but it was worth it!


    On their mark.

    Get set.



    Do you think he saw a hot dog?

    Do wiener dogs run toward or away from hot dogs?

    Oh, the puzzling questions of the universe.

    Oscar is gone.

    Okay, so THIS dog was not named Oscar but I know that one of the dogs was called that!

    Everyone got a little chuckle out of that.

    More little ears flapping.

    So cute and funny.

    It was all just pretty entertaining.

    This is how they got them to run, treats, toys, and LOTS of yelling!

    I liked this guy pointing out the way to the dog.

    Maybe more of them needed that.

    Or maybe all the people on the sidelines with food were a little too much of a distraction.


    Where is the ref?


    There was a band also and I have to say they did an awesome job.

    For my boys though, this was what it was all about.

    And this.

    A celebrity!

    The boys went nuts for it. They also kept talking like Thomas and friends were real people.

    “Why is he stopping Thomas?”

    “Why is he in Thomas’ way?”

    I thought they were going to fight the guy in charge of the trains when he stopped them to fix something.

    Not that they attack strangers.

    Oh wait, they do…

    This is what I do when I am going to a festival.

    I go to their site and look up their event list (if they have one).

    If possible I will even look at pictures from the previous year and see what looks interesting.

    That way, even a really small festival can be fun.

    Just be sure to give yourself enough time to get to the event, I might have missed a turtle race or two by not doing this.

    It is really sad to miss a turtle race.

    If you live in the Claremore area go to the Lilac Festival next year and watch some wieners run.

    It will make you smile.

    I promise.