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    Curriculum 2017-2018

    Tuesday, October 24th, 2017


    Since we are doing year-round school now grades are a little less clear-cut than normal.

    So this is the curriculum I will be using for my twins that are in 1st-2nd grade.

    RightStart Math Level C (we are actually still finishing up level B right now)

    All About Spelling Level 1

    For Handwriting, I am making my own worksheets for the twins.

    They have been doing Handwriting Without Tears but they need more repetition and practice.

    So I made my own worksheets that still follow the same approach as the program.

    For Grammar, I am trying to work on a Montessori approach.

    I bought these stencils and made the shapes out of felt.

    I am hoping that this more hands-on approach will make it easier for them.

    For History, I get picture books that are in the same time period the boys are learning.


    I am using easy readers like Bob books and other phonics based books for the twins reading.


    Science is similar to the boys, I just get books that cover the time period or place we are learning about.

    I do try to get hands on things to go with it if possible though.


    The boys are both in 6th grade.

    The boy’s math is not pictured here because it is all online.

    They do VideoText.com and Khan Acadamy for math.

    We have been doing both of those since last year and like it so far.

    They also do;

    All About Spelling Level 6(we started at level 1 and still really like it).

    I am having them work through Spectrum Language Arts workbook this year for grammar.

    I suppliment their history with Draw and Write through history and World Empires, World Missions, World Wars Activity Book with History Revealed.

    We use the Draw and Write through History more than the other.


    This is what the inside of the two books look like.

    The History Revealed book has activity and books suggestions.

    I mean to use it more than I do.

    I just don’t seem to get around to it.


    I have really liked the Draw and Write through History series.

    It is a little too advanced for the girls yet though.

    I liked the series called Draw Write Now for them but only have one book so far.


    This is the inside of the Language Arts book and Spelling book.

    abooksDSC_8601 abooksDSC_8602

    I found this book filled with fact sheets on World War 1 for a really good deal and have really liked it.

    I usually find free quizzes or crosswords online for the boys but this was so cheap and easy I could not pass it up.

    abooksDSC_8603 abooksDSC_8604

    I have some of these Professor Noggins quiz games to help the boys review what they have learned.


    This is an example of how many books I bought for our current study.

    I rely heavily on library books for the boy’s History, Science, and Geography.

    I also bought a few ebooks to go with our current study.


    For handwriting practice, I have the boys do copywork from our current study.

    For example, speeches from World War 1 or poetry from that time period.

    I tie the different subjects together by timeline and keep track of it on a spreadsheet.

    September The Industrial Revolution , Cotton Gin USA French and Indian Wars, and American Revolution The Runaway’s Revenge, The Chimney Sweep’s
    Ransom(ebooks). G.A Henty Novels
    1700’s Mid-Late Beethovan US Supreme court
    October The Locomotive, Steam Engines Napoleon, French Revolution, William Carey, Lewis and Clark Alexandre Dumas Beethovan
    November Steam Boat, Erie canal War of 1812, Francis Scott Key, Peter Cartwright, William Carey The Broken Blade and The Wintering
    ~The Sign of the Beaver, Mark Twain, Abandoned
    on the Wild Frontier, “William Wordsworth
    ” ,Cooper
    Early 1800’s Beethovan
    December James Audubon, Samuel F. B. Morse Africa Battle of the Alamo, David Livingston, Davy Crockett,
    Daniel Boone
    Jules Verne Mid 1800’s
    January Gold, Thomas Edison, Joseph Lister,
    Ferdinand Cohn, Microbes
    California Gold Rush, Oregon Trail
    February Cells Irish Potato Famine
    March Bacteria
    May Alfred Nobel(Dynamite), Louis Pasteur, Robert
    Koch, Viruses
    Clara Barton, Pre-Civil War, Lincoln, Crimean War Mid 1800’s
    Elevator, Transcontinental Railroad Eastern USA, Mexico Civil War, Clara Barton, Cinco de Mayo
    Gregor Mendel, Genetics Western USA Oregon Trail, Westward Expansion
    June Nikola Tesla, Bell, Electricty Germany, France Franco-Prussian War, the statue of liberty, Eiffel tower The Young Franc Tireurs And Their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War,
    George Washington Carver, Marie Curie William Booth, Van Gough, Paris Expo Sherlock Holmes, 1880
    August Wright Brothers, Flying Antarctica Russo-Japanese War, Entente Cordiale, Leading up
    to WW1, Roosevelt, Panama Canal, Antarctic Exped.
    Brighty 1900’s
    September Albert Einstein Europe WW1 The west point story(ebook), Spies of World War 1(ebook), one of ours (ebook). Sergeant York (ebook) 1914
    Amelia Earhart, The Great Depression,
    Atomic bomb WW2, Winston Churchill, Chuck Yeager Sound of Music, Winged Watchman(ebook), Lost Squardron 1939


    This is what we covered over the last year.

    It is constantly changing.

    If I see something interesting I would like to cover than I find a place to add it in.

    I like that I can just add in things we maybe missed to catch the next time around.

    I don’t stick to a set schedule on how long each study will take.

    It mostly depends on interest level and amount of materials to cover.

    Money Saving Fail!

    Friday, April 3rd, 2015

    Curriculum can cost a lot.

    In case you did not know.


    I try to save costs some by getting as many history books as I can from the library but some of the other stuff requires me to purchase the book.

    I bought some of my curriculum from a second hand store for homeschoolers called Bibliomania in Tulsa.


    I bought First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind Level 3 from them.

    It was only slightly cheaper than buying it on Amazon and it came in this binding because that is what the original owner preferred.

    I wish I had bought the one that had not been cut up like this because it is harder to store in the binder.

    With Level 3 the boys needed worksheets, which I would need to buy new.

    After looking at their site, I got the bright idea to buy the PDF version instead.

    I made sure it was okay to print two copies of it since I had two students using it(my 2nd and 3rd grader do a lot of the same work).


    So I have been printing the boys worksheets for the school year from the PDF version of the workbook.

    It has been a pain.

    For one, it is 352 pages!

    That is a lot of printing.

    I finally decided to figure out if I was actually saving enough money to warrant the extra work.

    I took the cost of the bundle of paper we buy and divided it by cost per sheet of paper, than multiplied it by the number of sheets we print.


    Not bad.

    Than I took the cost of ink for the printer and the number of pages it says you get per ink cartridge, divided to cost per sheet and multiplied it by how many sheets we print.



    After adding the cost of the PDF file my total price for printing it myself?


    The cost of buying two workbooks?



    I am buying the workbooks next year.

    Have you ever tried to save some money and ended up spending more?

    First Day & Curriculum 2014-2015!

    Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

    This is some of what I will be using for curriculum this year to teach 2nd&3rd grade.


    Math – RightStart Level C (I am hoping to finish Level C by Christmas and start Level D after our break) we have been doing RightStart since we started Kindergarten with my oldest.

     Grammar – First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Level 3

    Writing – Handwriting Without Tears 3rd Grade Cursive

    Spelling – All About Spelling Level 3

    Reading – I will still choose appropriate books for the boys to improve in their reading.

    It has worked well in previous years.

    I do like to include a book or story that has reading comprehension included once in a while so I can make sure they are retaining what they read.

    I will be tying Science, Geography, and History together again.

    Check out more about that, here.

    I will still be using the “Timetables of History” but also “The Big Book of History” and  the timeline for the Pharaohs from Answers in Genesis.


    I don’t have all of my books yet for science and history but will try to share what we use each month as we go.

    Since yesterday was our first day and a holiday we did not start right away.


    The boys and I rode bikes while Nick ran.

    It was a great way to start our school day!


    Since we had a late start and Nick was home, we did not do all of the subjects.

    You might have also noticed that we have moved our school area.

    It is now in the living room and dining room.


    I am really liking my dining room wall covered in school posters and our timeline.




    Cursive was a struggle at first but they started to remember how to form their letters after a while.


    Both boys were so excited about learning that they did several projects on their own after school finished!

    I always call the day a success when that happens!


    We also finally made Ice Cream in a Bag!


    Maybe we need to make more today…

    How was your first day?