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    Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park ~Prairie Grove, AR

    Monday, December 11th, 2017

    While at Devil’s Den State Park, I picked up some brochures on other state parks nearby.


    I had wanted to go to the Prairie Grove Battlefield for a little while so I was happy it was pretty close to where we were staying.


    The museum was small but had a lot of hands-on and interactive displays!


    The battle of Prairie Grove was a large Civil War battle and would be a perfect stop if you are studying that era or just find that time interesting.


    When you touched a cannon ball(what my oldest daughter is doing) it would show you a animation of how far it would shoot.


    My oldest liked looking at all the different weapons.

    aprairieDSC_7027 aprairieDSC_7028

    Little bit trying to lift a cannonball!

    She did not succeed…

    aprairieDSC_7034 aprairieDSC_7039 aprairieDSC_7042 aprairieDSC_7044

    The grounds were so pretty!


    So many old buildings!

    aprairieDSC_7048 aprairieDSC_7049 aprairieDSC_7050 aprairieDSC_7053 aprairieDSC_7056

    There is a 1 mile walking tour but also a driving tour!

    We did both and it was an easy way to learn some interesting history.

    And really sad history.

    Be prepared that it does talk about the ground being soaked in blood and other facts like that.

    aprairieDSC_7058 aprairieDSC_7064

    The first part of the walk was my favorite.

    Lots of beautiful historic buildings to see and give the kids a glimpse of what it was like back then.

    aprairieDSC_7066 aprairieDSC_7070 aprairieDSC_7075 aprairieDSC_7076 aprairieDSC_7077 aprairieDSC_7086 aprairieDSC_7097 aprairieDSC_7105 aprairieDSC_7108 aprairieDSC_7111 aprairieDSC_7116 aprairieDSC_7117

    It looks so peaceful.

    Such a contrast to what it must have looked like during the battle.

    aprairieDSC_7118 aprairieDSC_7122

    I can’t help but think of the families who lost everything just because their house ended up being in the middle of a battle.

    aprairieDSC_7124 aprairieDSC_7130 aprairieDSC_7143

    They find the Osage Orange’s so interesting.

    I can’t blame them so do I!

    aprairieDSC_7149 aprairieDSC_7162 aprairieDSC_7164

    I really like to visit these kinds of places when they have reenactments going or other historical events.

    If you are planning a trip just to see it, go to their website first and see if they have anything coming up.

    It really helps history come to life!

    The Battle of Round Mountain Educational Day ~Yale, OK

    Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

    I found out about the Battle of Round Mountain Winter Encampment in Yale, OK right before it took place last year and did not make it!

    So this year I was determined to get out there.

    Friday is the educational day, Saturday and Sunday they have a battle re-enactment.


    It is hosted at the Assemblies of God church in Yale.

    You park in the church parking lot, go behind the church and you will see the trail sign.


    There is a path that leads to the camp.




    This was a wonderful setup.

    She was so nice and shared so much information with us about the food during that time!


    She really wanted the boys to touch everything!

    We ended up buying some Molasses Cookies from her and it was like I was back at my Grandma’s house.

    She loved Molasses cookies.


    There were a couple of shops with some clothing, candy, and toys to buy.


    My oldest wanted to know if the pants were pajamas.





    This man loved to share and teach.

    He wanted to show the kids everything.

    I am so thankful for people like this, that share their love of history with kids.



    His son was there as well and gave us a demonstration on his drum!


    If you would like to hear what it sounded like, I posted a short video I took on YouTube, here.




    We remember seeing this guy last year at the Honey Springs Re-enactment.


    My oldest was pretty excited to see an artillery sign.


    He likes the big guns…


    Not sure where to start getting your children excited about history?

    Check out how I introduced a love of history to my boys, here.

    Or some of my favorite books for kids on the civil war, here.

    Honey Springs Battlefield Re-enactment ~Checotah, OK

    Friday, November 15th, 2013

    Even though we went out to the battlefield on Friday for the educational day, I still wanted to go to the battle re-enactment on Saturday.

    camp stand sword flagMy boys decided they want to be drummer boys.

    They really hate dressing up and playing with guns so I knew re-enactments would hold no appeal to them.

    shoots lines drummer fireFor some reason this guys rifle was REALLY loud.

    The crowd gasped when it went off.

    loudI think I have seen this same look on my boys faces when they are sword fighting or shooting at each other.

    I am not sure boys ever grow up.

    I think their weapons just get more expensive.

    flagbarrier shoot2 sitting drummers calvery ammoIf you are wondering who won this battle it was the federal’s.

    The federal’s were the government soldiers stationed at the nearby fort.

    You can read about it on the battlefield website, here.


    canon canonfireThe canon fire was LOUD!

    It kept setting off the car alarms.

    Which made everyone laugh.

    Car alarms seemed a little out of place with all the battle sounds.

    friendsIf you want to encourage an interest in history in your kids I would highly recommend these living history events.

    History was loud, dangerous, and exciting!

    It was not meant to be contained in a textbook.