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    The Christmas Train ~Dry Gulch USA

    Friday, December 16th, 2011

    I love this image.

    It conveys to me the magic that is Christmas Train.

    I think I get more out of it then the boys do.

    Watching the train pull into the station.

    Spotted by a caroler…

    Takes my breath away!

    Even though his little face is serious they did love this ride.

    He just likes to hide it for the camera.

    We did not go last year but we did go the year before.

    I thought it might not be the same since we had been before but I was still enchanted.

    The tickets have been sold out for a while to go but make plans to go next year if you live in the area!

    Buy the tickets right when they start selling them!

    They go fast!

    Happy Sad

    Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

    Christmas lights!Christmaslights!

    We went driving last night and it was wonderful to hear little voices in the back yelling, “CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!”

    We live near a business that really decks out their whole place with lights. It is a beautiful display and as far as I know they do not get anything from it!

    The boys were in awe when we drove past.

    So on behalf a mom that gets to see the joy on her little boys faces, THANK YOU to everyone that takes the time to decorate their house for Christmas.

    I am already a little sad that it has to end.

    I am a glass half empty kind of person I guess.

    I will really miss the no arguing in the backseat because of the awesome distraction from the Christmas lights.

    Anyone want to join with me to keep the Christmas lights on all year?

    Your neighbors won’t mind!

    Well, as long as I am your neighbor…