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    Self Portraits with my Girls

    Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

    Back in October I shared some pics of Nick and I.

    At the same time I took some pics with my girls but could not share them.

    I had not intended to take pics with them that day, they just saw the tripod and asked.

    So of course I said yes.

    ausdsc_3931 ausdsc_3933 ausdsc_3961 ausdsc_3965 ausdsc_4038 ausdsc_4043 ausdsc_4045 ausdsc_4046 ausdsc_4047 ausdsc_4048 ausdsc_4049 ausdsc_4055 ausdsc_4071 ausdsc_4073 ausdsc_4091 ausdsc_4092 ausdsc_4093 ausdsc_4099 ausdsc_4111 ausdsc_4115

    I struggle to focus on these happy moments.

    I have had very little hardship in my life so having children from hard places is a struggle.

    I am used to choosing the easy way.

    There is no easy way.

    Nick is so good at making choices based on what is in his circle of influence and not stressing about the stuff outside of it.

    I want to stress about the outside stuff.


    This is a journey is a marathon, not a sprint.

    Pictures help me focus on something beautiful and happy.

    Looking at them helps me feel like there is hope.

    What gives you hope?

    Books and Resources we have found helpful while fostering.

    Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

    These are some of the resources that I highly recommend to foster parents/adoptive parents or even just parents with difficult children.

    They have totally changed how I parent and how I see my children’s behaviors.

    A lot of children just need to be taught how to deal with frustration and how to calm themselves in the same way they need to be taught how to read.

    It is a rough hard road and if I help make it even a little easier for just one family than I will be happy.

    Parents of children from hard places we can do this!

    For Parents:


    The Explosive Child: A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children

    This book really helps introduce the concept of collaborative problem solving and helping teach kids how to deal with frustration.

    There are some videos on youtube also of Dr. Ross Greene teaching on this concept.

    The Connected Child

    Such a good book about how to parent children from hard places and answers a lot of the why’s behind the behaviors.

    Goes with the TBRI training.

    Empowered to Connect

    Similar to the connected child but with more biblical principles added in.

    They have the study guide available for free on their site!


    Trust-Based Relational Intervention® Training(we bought the training videos but there are free online resources as well).

    Similar to The Connected Child and Empowered to Connect but more in depth.

    For the kids:

    The Angry Octopus

    Teaches easy to follow relaxation techniques in a fun story about an Octopus that gets angry.

    Dealing with Feeling Angry

    A great kids book that gives them ideas of what to do when angry.


    The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep

    We read this book every night!

    It has helped so much with reluctant sleepers!

    Sea Otter Cove: A relaxation story

    Another great book to help teach little one’s how to calm down and relax.