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    Thursday, March 10th, 2016

    aDSC_7391I am always surprised when my boys still want to play with bubbles.

    aDSC_7388 aDSC_7413

    They of course started battling with them.

    Which did not surprise me…

    aDSC_7412 aDSC_7411 aDSC_7394 aDSC_7417 aDSC_7418 aDSC_7435 aDSC_7436Boys + anything = battle


    We also tried Pipe cleaners for bubble wands for the first time and they did great!

    We used them in this touchable bubbles recipe.

    They did not seem very touchable but they did great for just blowing bubbles.

    My Boys and I

    Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

    Taken by my oldest.

    I try to find something fun to do with them in pictures.

    That way they actually look forward to them.

    Taken by my youngest.

    I love handing off my camera to my boys!

    They do a great job and it makes it even more fun to get their picture taken when they get to switch back and forth with each other.

    He is my little lover.

    He loves to snuggle.

    This is what happens when you tell two little boys to lay on their stomach and face the camera.

    It seemed simple in my mind…

    My baby bought me a Gorillapod that works with my big lens!

    Now I can get those low shots really easily.

    He knows what I need before I do!

    I love my youngest in this one.

    He really gets into his bubbles.

    We do not break out the bubbles very often.

    I try to take pictures of something when it has been a while and therefore would hold their interest longer.

    Find something fun to do with your kids and start snapping!

    Master bubble blower

    Friday, May 6th, 2011

    He came.

    He blew.

    He conquered.