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    Newt Graham Lock and Dam ~Broken Arrow, OK

    Monday, February 13th, 2017

    We are studying the Erie Canal and since it had a lock, I wanted the boys to see one.

    We have two within a two hour drive of us so I chose the closest and we headed out there.

    It was a Friday afternoon and pretty dead.


    Steller planning I tell you.

    alockDSC_8255 alockDSC_8254

    I was really hoping we would get there at a time the lock was being used but it was still cool to see.


    It was insteresting to see some of the barges that fit in the lock.

    They seem too big!

    alockDSC_8244 alockDSC_8236 alockDSC_8233 alockDSC_8225 alockDSC_8223 alockDSC_8222 alockDSC_8220 alockDSC_8218 alockDSC_8216 alockDSC_8213 alockDSC_8211 alockDSC_8210 alockDSC_8209 alockDSC_8207 alockDSC_8206

    We drove around to the other side to see the dam.

    alockDSC_8273 alockDSC_8280 alockDSC_8284 alockDSC_8288 alockDSC_8303 alockDSC_8315 alockDSC_8328 alockDSC_8332 alockDSC_8335 alockDSC_8343 alockDSC_8353

    She believes in trust exercises…

    alockDSC_8356 alockDSC_8362 alockDSC_8363 alockDSC_8379 alockDSC_8367

    I think I will call ahead next time and find out when they have barges coming through but it was still a fun trip 🙂

    If we lived closer, the Lock would be a fun place to eat lunch and watch for boats.

    They even have a picnic area right next to it.

    Ray Harral, I wore a skirt and boots…

    Wednesday, February 10th, 2016


    I went with totally impractical at our most recent walk at Ray Harral Nature Park.

    We were walking pretty slow so it was not too bad…

    Sometimes I choose cuteness over comfort.

    Sometimes, not often.

    I like comfort.




    In actuality I wanted the comfort of tights but thought it looked silly without boots.


    I did choose comfort!

    Just not for my feet…

    Have you ever worn something completely impractical?

    Ray Harral

    Friday, July 24th, 2015

    *updated with pics of two of my girlsbridge

    arayDSC_4244 walking trees shell path

    We got there early enough to help feed the squirrels and birds.

    a4260 arayDSC_4258 arayDSC_4263 arayDSC_4265 arayDSC_4270 arayDSC_4271 squirrel eatingarayDSC_4288

    Biggest and littlest cuteness.