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    At first I said no.

    Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

    After watching me take many pictures of this cute little bunny that visited our yard, my youngest asked if he could take some pictures.

    I had just put the camera back in the house and sat down in the hammock.

    I knew I should probably put a strap on the camera(we never use them) if he was going to walk around with it.

    So I said now was not a good time.

    As soon as I said it though I realized his excitement and interest made it a great time.

    I did not know how interested he would be in taking pictures when it was more convenient for me.

    Isn’t this one of the reasons I homeschool so that my kids can pursue something because they actually want to know more about it instead of it being the next chapter in the textbook?

    So I went inside and got my backup camera ready for him to use.


    I think saying not right now is okay.

    My boys know that I am not there to grant their every wish.


    I am just glad this time I said yes.


    My oldest tends to question shots.

    He deletes them and tries again.

    My youngest on the other hand had only good things to say about his pictures.

    I heard “got it” over and over again.


    These are two of the shots he took.


    I love seeing my boys learn with enjoyment.