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    Double Digits!

    Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

    My oldest is 10yrs old!

    aDSC_3478 aDSC_3485 aDSC_3518 aDSC_3537 aDSC_3546

    He got to celebrate his birthday with my family in Indiana so he was pretty happy.

    He has started planning his life as an adult.

    He asks me questions about ages to get married and mentions his future wife and kids.

    He has gotten really into chess, risk, and other strategy games.

    He and his brother will play for hours.

    So of course I got him Star Wars Risk!!!!

    Did you know they made that? It is awesome!


    Nick’s parents got him Star Wars Chess, which was appropriate since Nick’s dad taught him how to play to begin with.

    And he got Star Wars trivia from my side of the family.

    I have not played him.

    He reads Star Wars Encyclopedias for fun…

    I am pretty sure he had a pretty happy birthday 🙂

    My youngest boy is 8!

    Tuesday, January 26th, 2016


    His birthday request?

    Play video games.

    Ha! We tried to get him to go to a children’s museum or something but that is what he wanted so that is what he did.

    abdayDSC_6049 abdayDSC_6050 abdayDSC_6051

    He really likes joke books.

    This kid is sometimes hard to buy for because he is so easy going.

    He does not tell us all of the time what he wants like his older brother.

    I am thankful for laid back birthdays, awesome 8yr olds, and leftover cake!

    9yr old!

    Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

    present curiocity

    We checked out the new exhibit at the OKC Science Museum for my son’s birthday.

    It was really cool!

    I think I would have been happy with just that area.

    That place is so big!

    mirror music music2 watertable

    Not many people were in the waterworks area.

    It was really neat but did get them really wet!

    watertable2 drops card

    Opening gifts from Nick’s parents.

    knights kindle1 kindle

    He got a kindle!

    He was so excited!

    He reads it a lot!