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    Favorites from August 2016 ~Adoption

    Sunday, March 19th, 2017

    akidsDSC_7536 akidsDSC_7555 akidsDSC_7559 akidsDSC_7598 aschoolDSC_7647

    Homeschooling 5 was and still is interesting.

    I liken it to juggling.

    aschoolDSC_7697 aschoolDSC_7707 aschoolDSC_7712

    Summer in OK means water play.

    All day.

    So hot.

    aschoolDSC_7722 aschoolDSC_7730 aschoolDSC_7746 aschoolDSC_7755 aschoolDSC_7761 aschoolDSC_7784 aschoolDSC_7791 aschoolDSC_7795 aschoolDSC_7831 aschoolDSC_7872 aschoolDSC_7891 aschoolDSC_7893 aschoolDSC_7897 aschoolDSC_7907 aslipDSC_2847 aslipDSC_2852 aslipDSC_2890 aslipDSC_2900 aslipDSC_2909 aslipDSC_2940 aslipDSC_2976 aslipDSC_2983

    Someone got something in their mouth that did not belong.

    aslipDSC_3014 aslipDSC_3027 aslipDSC_3101 aslipDSC_3122 aslipDSC_3125 aslipDSC_3133

    Of course the slip n slide was not wet enough and they needed to splash each other as they went through.

    aslipDSC_3142 aslipDSC_3161 aslipDSC_3219 aslipDSC_3241 aslipDSC_3250

    Summer evenings and water play almost make me happy summer is almost here.


    Favorites from July 2016 ~Adoption

    Monday, February 20th, 2017

    afireworksDSC_0656 afireworksDSC_0676 afireworksDSC_0710

    After seeing a neighbourhood parade, they wanted to do one.

    afireworksDSC_0717 afireworksDSC_0732 afireworksDSC_0754 afireworksDSC_0762 afireworksDSC_0779 afireworksDSC_0784 afireworksDSC_0790 afireworksDSC_0820bw aDSC_2180 aoxleyDSC_2025 aoxleyDSC_2043 aoxleyDSC_2148 abearDSC_0539 abearDSC_0543 abearDSC_0566 abearDSC_0598 abearDSC_0603 aswingDSC_1449

    If you are wondering why there are more pics of little bit, partly because she is next to me often, partly because I have already shared pics of her older brothers, and partly because the twins were working on problems they had throughout the day.

    Emotions are hard for children to work through.

    They are getting better at it though.

    They were still in limbo during this time.

    That is a hard place for kids to be.

    aswingDSC_1456 aswingDSC_1458 aslideDSC_2620 aslideDSC_2661 aslideDSC_2670 aslideDSC_2677

    After a rough day Nick told me to take this half pint and go.

    Even a sassy toddler can be a nice break sometimes 😉

    aslideDSC_2696 aslideDSC_2698 aslideDSC_2722 aslideDSC_2743 aslideDSC_2780 aslideDSC_2783 aslideDSC_2801

    Favorites from June 2016 ~Adoption

    Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

    ahairDSC_7119 alakeDSC_9451 awildDSC_7315

    At the Sequoyah Wildlife Refuge.

    Nick holding little bit always get’s to me.



    aDSC_0434 aDSC_0480 abub7820 alens7839bw
    aquadDSC_7948 aquadDSC_8539bw aseqDSC_8658

    Seqouyah State Park

    aseqDSC_8667 atutuDSC_6923 atutuDSC_7023 atutuDSC_7029 atutuDSC_7036 atutuDSC_7046 asprinkDSC_9091 asprinkDSC_9155 asprinklersDSC_8806 asprinklersDSC_9165 asprinklersDSC_9247 asprinklersDSC_9251 asprinklersDSC_9254 aturkeyDSC_8751

    Turkey Mt.

    aturkeyDSC_8758 aturkeyDSC_8775 awaterDSC_7580 awaterDSC_7632 awaterDSC_7649

    This morning was rough so I don’t have a lot of words to add to these pics.

    Kids in foster care have suffered terrible loss.

    No matter the reason they are there.

    There is so much trauma in these young lives, even babies.

    Families being able to stay together is always better.

    It is so painful when it does not happen.

    Pain can often look like anger.

    If you are wanting to adopt or foster make sure you research what trauma can do to a child.

    The foster care system needs informed and trained help.

    Because it is hard.

    I shared some of my favorite resources a little while ago, you can check them out, here.

    You can also check out this video about common characteristics of children from Hard Places.

    Research the toll it can take on the caretaker or parent as well.