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    1st Day Hike! ~2018

    Thursday, January 18th, 2018

    Because it was cold, I ended up only taking one hiking with me this year for the first hike.

    We went to the Washington Irving Scenic Trail at Washington Irving South Recreation Area.


    The recreation area does have a $5 day use fee.


    This swimming beach looks beautiful.

    We did run into some sand burs while walking around though so you would want to be careful near the grass at all.

    ahikeDSC_9308 ahikeDSC_9310Ice!
    ahikeDSC_9316 ahikeDSC_9317

    The trail was located on the north side of the park.

    It was a little hard for us to find but it is a pretty small park so not too bad.

    There is a parking lot right next to the trail.


    Some of the trail markers might be hard to find.


    I liked reading the little bits of history along the trail.

    ahikeDSC_9322 ahikeDSC_9326 ahikeDSC_9330

    Taking along another photographer was so fun!

    ahikeDSC_9342 ahikeDSC_9348 ahikeDSC_9351 ahikeDSC_9353 ahikeDSC_9354 ahikeDSC_9359 ahikeDSC_9366 ahikeDSC_9372 ahikeDSC_9385 ahikeDSC_9389

    It was hard to read this sign but it said something about treasure hidden in a cave that is now under Lake Keystone.

    I tried to convince my son to brave the freezing temps and find the money for his Dad’s retirement…


    He did not care about his parents happiness apparently.


    The ice probably helps insulate it so that if he dove down it would be warm…

    ahikeDSC_9404 ahikeDSC_9406

    We lost the trail at this point.

    I had already heard from someone else that it kind of disappears.

    We ended up turning around so round trip was just over a mile.

    ahikeDSC_9409 ahikeDSC_9418

    I am so used to hiking with 5 kids.

    This hike was so QUIET.

    It was a nice way to start the year.

    ahikeDSC_9420 ahikeDSC_9423

    We saw a lot of deer!


    Do you participate in the 1st day hike?

    If not do you have another fun tradition for the 1st day of the year?

    You can check out my video to see what the trail is like.

    First Day of 4th&5th Grade

    Tuesday, September 6th, 2016

    aschoolDSC_8154 aschoolDSC_8183 aschoolDSC_8184 aschoolDSC_8199 aschoolDSC_8202 aschoolDSC_8203 aschoolDSC_8228 aschoolDSC_8323

    We made it!

    I actually took pics unlike last year!

    YAY! Progress!

    First Day & Curriculum 2014-2015!

    Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

    This is some of what I will be using for curriculum this year to teach 2nd&3rd grade.


    Math – RightStart Level C (I am hoping to finish Level C by Christmas and start Level D after our break) we have been doing RightStart since we started Kindergarten with my oldest.

     Grammar – First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind Level 3

    Writing – Handwriting Without Tears 3rd Grade Cursive

    Spelling – All About Spelling Level 3

    Reading – I will still choose appropriate books for the boys to improve in their reading.

    It has worked well in previous years.

    I do like to include a book or story that has reading comprehension included once in a while so I can make sure they are retaining what they read.

    I will be tying Science, Geography, and History together again.

    Check out more about that, here.

    I will still be using the “Timetables of History” but also “The Big Book of History” and  the timeline for the Pharaohs from Answers in Genesis.


    I don’t have all of my books yet for science and history but will try to share what we use each month as we go.

    Since yesterday was our first day and a holiday we did not start right away.


    The boys and I rode bikes while Nick ran.

    It was a great way to start our school day!


    Since we had a late start and Nick was home, we did not do all of the subjects.

    You might have also noticed that we have moved our school area.

    It is now in the living room and dining room.


    I am really liking my dining room wall covered in school posters and our timeline.




    Cursive was a struggle at first but they started to remember how to form their letters after a while.


    Both boys were so excited about learning that they did several projects on their own after school finished!

    I always call the day a success when that happens!


    We also finally made Ice Cream in a Bag!


    Maybe we need to make more today…

    How was your first day?