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  • Spending the day in OKC with family!

    My Mom, sister, and nephew all came down for a visit last week!

    We decided keeping three boys as busy as possible was the safest option.

    We made it through the whole week without any serious injuries so I would say our plan worked!

    First stop was the Science Museum Oklahoma in OKC.

    I went a few years back with the boys but they were a little young for most of the exhibits.

    They were at a perfect age this time around!

    All three boys were running from one exhibit to the next!

    Glad we had three adults to keep track of them!

    No matter what age my boys have always loved the waterworks areas in museums.

    The boys loved the Science Live program they had!

    I was a little sceptical at first but the girl doing it was wonderful!

    She was great at interacting with the kids and being VERY animated.

    I really wish this was how all kids learned science.

    They were learning without even realizing it.

    Since we were in OKC we stopped by the Sam Noble Natural History Museum.

    They were having an event that day so admission was free!

    Right now they have giant bugs on display.

    Boys hate bugs of course…

    My Mom decided to try for a picture of all three boys together, my son thought he should help his cousin pose.

    He is nice like that.

    My nephew getting eaten.

    We did not stay in the upstairs very long.

    The boys decided they were mighty hunters and should kill the bear they had on exhibit.

    We were afraid their running around killing animals might offend someone.

    If you are going to put a big stuffed bear on exhibit though you would have to expect little boys to think they should kill it, right?


    We had a great time in OKC!

    I am pretty sure the adults were the only ones to get tired though.

    The part of the plan where I exhaust three little boys backfired a bit.

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    2 Responses to “Spending the day in OKC with family!”

    1. Stephanie says:

      Awesome. Looking forward to going to both of these someday.

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