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  • Snow!

    We were so happy to get surprised with snow right before Christmas!!!

    asnowDSC_8492 asnowDSC_8493 asnowDSC_8495It has already melted but I am hoping we get more this winter!



    It was really wet snow so the kids were able to sled and throw snowballs(the painful kind, like rocks).

    I noticed that I got snow stilts after a little bit.

    asnowDSC_8545 asnowDSC_8550

    Little bit was sure she wanted to ride with her big brother on this part even though he thought they would run into one of those cedar trees.

    She got snow all over her face and hair…
    asnowDSC_8567 asnowDSC_8572 asnowDSC_8576
    Mostly she just wanted to eat snow the whole time.

    My kids ate plenty of dirt that day I am sure.


    asnowDSC_8639 asnowDSC_8648
    I love this girls happy smile.

    asnowDSC_8676 asnowDSC_8677
    The girls are not good at telling when they are getting a little bit cold so they wait too long to go inside or stop picking up snow.

    This usually results in tears when we do go inside.
    asnowDSC_8703 asnowDSC_8706
    asnowDSC_8719 asnowDSC_8723

    Glad we got to play in the snow in Oklahoma!

    Do you get snow where you live?

    Enjoy it or hate it?

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