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  • New Trail at Keystone Ancient Forest ~Sand Springs, OK

    We went to Keystone Ancient Forest to try out their new trail called “The Less Travelled Trail.”

    You take the main trails to get to it.

    akeyDSC_7889 akeyDSC_7891_01 akeyDSC_7894

    It says 4.1 miles one way on the map but looks like a loop.

    It just finishes in a different spot.


    We did not go very far on it though so I can’t confirm that.

    It was a nice trail though and we liked it okay.

    My boys liked rocky hard trails.

    The harder the better.

    Little bit prefers flat easy trails.

    She kept saying no more “mountains” when we hiked at Palo Duro in November.


    akeyDSC_7904 akeyDSC_7910 akeyDSC_7912 akeyDSC_7925 akeyDSC_7927

    As you can see, we turned around at the half mile marker.

    There were just enough loose rocks and gravel that it was bothering my back (I hurt it a little while ago) so we turned around before I got hurt.

    akeyDSC_7941 akeyDSC_7942 akeyDSC_7943

    We took the fire road back when we got to the main trail and it ended up being a pretty short hike back to the parking lot from there.

    So if you are just wanting to check out the new trail that might be the shortest route to get there for you.


    I am so thankful for this beautiful place that they are developing near us though!

    They are doing a great job with the trails!

    I am looking forward to trying this one again, maybe starting at a different spot.

    Wilson Trail is still my favorite one so far because of the big rocks and pretty views but I have only seen a portion of the new so who knows!

    Have you checked out Keystone Ancient Forest?

    They are only open on curtain Saturdays but they let you know which ones on their facebook page.

    Check them out!

    Here is a video of our hike here and one at Keystone State Park.

    If you hang out to the end of the video you can see what it is like to be in a vehicle with 5 kids…

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