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  • MCHS Threshing Bee and 2 Cylinder Tractor Show ~Fairview, OK


    athreshingDSC_7236 athreshingDSC_7244 athreshingDSC_7250 athreshingDSC_7251 athreshingDSC_7252 athreshingDSC_7254 athreshingDSC_7260 athreshingDSC_7267 athreshingDSC_7269 athreshingDSC_7273 athreshingDSC_7280 athreshingDSC_7288 athreshingDSC_7299 athreshingDSC_7307 athreshingDSC_7311 athreshingDSC_7324 athreshingDSC_7334 athreshingDSC_7341 athreshingDSC_7349 athreshingDSC_7362

    Ice Cream Churn


    Anvil Firing

    athreshingDSC_7376 athreshingDSC_7384 athreshingDSC_7385 athreshingDSC_7396 athreshingDSC_7411 athreshingDSC_7417 athreshingDSC_7427 athreshingDSC_7433 athreshingDSC_7439 athreshingDSC_7442 athreshingDSC_7447 athreshingDSC_7448 athreshingDSC_7454 athreshingDSC_7459

    Little Bit does not like loud noises.

    Thankfully we brought her some ear muffs!

    athreshingDSC_7468 athreshingDSC_7473 athreshingDSC_7479 athreshingDSC_7482 athreshingDSC_7484 athreshingDSC_7486 athreshingDSC_7495 athreshingDSC_7496 athreshingDSC_7511 athreshingDSC_7515 athreshingDSC_7639

    We got to see the Anvil Firing twice!

    Talk about loud!

    So interesting.


    We left for a little bit but came back for the tractor pull.

    athreshingDSC_7647 athreshingDSC_7653 athreshingDSC_7657

    Ford’s are so tough they can pull a whole house…


    athreshingDSC_7667 athreshingDSC_7676 athreshingDSC_7677 athreshingDSC_7706

    The guy who made these gave one to all my kids!

    So nice of him!

    athreshingDSC_7710 athreshingDSC_7713 athreshingDSC_7725 athreshingDSC_7727 athreshingDSC_7734

    I really enjoyed this event an am glad we drove out to Fairview to go.

    You can see the post I did about the campground we stayed in here, and the other place we visited here.

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