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  • McCormick’s Creek State Park ~Spencer, IN

    While visiting family in Indiana, my husband and I went to McCormick’s Creek to hike.

    It is a great park and I am not sure why I do not go more often while in the area.

    First we took trail 5.

    I think the last time I was on this trail I was 16!

    I remembered some stuff, like being scared stiff about going through the wolf cave.

    Unfortunately it was closed this time.

    I was so happy, I mean sad.

    It is the Wolf Cave trail and is a pretty easy loop.

    Around 2 miles total.

    I think there was only one creek crossing on this trail.

    Across from trail 5 is these steps…

    What goes down must come up.

    Those were my thoughts as I went down, down, down.

    We wanted to get on trail 10 but took a little detour first.

    That is what usually happens when I have the map.

    I get turned around easily.

    I think our hike was somewhere around 3 miles.

    We took 2 to get to 10.

    I call it the scenic route.

    When we finally got on trail 10 there were a lot of water crossings.

    It seemed like that was all we did.

    I did not mind though.

    I would have minded if I had fallen.

    Thankfully I did not.

    It was a miracle really.

    You do not have to cross this.

    He was just showing off.

    Then came the moment I was dreading.

    We had already gone down these, up, and down another set of stairs at this point.

    My legs were begging me to find another way.

    I tried to jog up but that only lasted 6 steps.

    I kept saying over and over, “I want to be a contender!”.

    I have never seen Rocky, so it always confuses me when I try to make a reference to the movie.

    I am sure Nick found it adorable though.


    Any Hoosier’s out there?

    Go to this park and run up the stairs humming the rocky theme song for me!

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