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  • I did that!


    Saturday while my husband worked tirelessly on our new shed and I did the same thing I have always done, nothing. I decided on a change of pace.

    We bought a rope to put up a rope swing for the boys because…well I said they needed one.

    I felt bad for pestering Nick to put it up since he was building a shed and I was doing nothing. So taking my husbands advice I went inside and looked it up.

    He might have meant look it up and get all the information together so it would be ready for him to put up but I decided it was a challenge.

    When I saw this tutorial, I thought I can do that.

    Now I am not one of those people that know everything about knots. I have been pretty proud of myself for the past lets say twenty years for knowing how to do a slipknot.

    So when I saw things like Buntline Hitch and Figure Eight, I almost backed out.

    But my stubborn side kicked in.

    While Nick was inside for a little bit I went outside and threw the rope in the tree and after only three tries I got it right!

    I did all my new fancy rope knotting things and went in to get Nick.

    He was a little surprised and worried (our CHILDREN will be the ones using it and he is fond of them).

    He said, “you didn’t really tie it all by yourself did you?”

    I was jumping up and down(I get excited okay) and used the words I had kept saying quietly to myself so I would remember them.

    “I used a BUNTLINE HITCH! And a FIGURE EIGHT knot!!!

    I think he could have acted a little more impressed.

    It is not everyday I tie a rope in a tree and actually have a name for the knot.

    And it is still there!

    He did give me a “good job baby” after he figured out the rope was not going to fall right out of the tree.


    The boys were not sure about it at first and Nick(being the loving husband he is) threatened them with taking it down if they did not go play on it.

    I might have been pouting a little bit that they did not love it.

    That got them moving.

    My littlest guy has decided he loves it after I showed him he can sit instead of stand on it and says, “WEEEE” the whole time he swings.

    So I am happy.

    justinswinginMaybe I will do something crazy like make them a tree house next!

    Or maybe not…

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    One Response to “I did that!”

    1. stephanie says:

      Good job Danielle…sorry it took so long to give you a long distance pat on the back. I am inpressed!

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