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  • Hawthorne


    I am giving you a heads up, this is a sad post.

    Hawthorne was with me for about ten years, I got him as a puppy and was determined not to love him. I had lost two dogs in less than two years and did not want a third. My parents wanted me to jump right back into the saddle so to speak so after my second dog died they took me to the pound to pick out a new dog.

    There he was staring at me with one ear perked up and the other flopped over, the cutest little husky mix ever.

    I only picked him because I knew my parents would not leave me alone until I got a new dog. But I promised myself I would keep my distance. He ran off the day we brought him home and I just thought that proved my point even more.

    In the end he won.

    He was my little fluff ball and always a puppy to me. He danced around like a little puppy whenever the weather turned cold and loved to play in the snow.

    Loving to a fault, I never did wrong in his eyes. No matter how long it had been since I had given him attention, he still greeted me like I was the best thing that ever happened to him.

    I knew he was getting old but part of me thought that dog would live forever. When I saw him in laying on the garage floor this morning he was wagging his tale so happy to see me. But when he did not move I looked closer and saw the blood. There was a lot. He still managed to wag his tail for me a couple of times as I cried over him. We decided putting him down was the kind thing to do. He was almost gone already though.

    I will miss my little fluff ball. Goodbye old friend, you made growing up easier.


    4 Responses to “Hawthorne”

    1. MOM says:

      Even when you know it is coming it still is hard. At least he waited until he was back home with you and not on the ranch. He will always be your little puppy because he never seemed to age!!! We love you!! Thanks for sharing with us this last weekend, it meant so much!!!

    2. Deborah says:

      So sorry D, that dog was special and he loved you very much. He will always have a place in my heart as well. Good bye Hawthorne…

      • Danielle Huddleston says:

        Thanks! I am just glad he got to run and play until the very end. Love you guys too!

    3. Julie says:

      aww this made me tear up. I’ve never been a “dog” person, but since getting my “bella” I’ve gained a new appreciation for dogs. I’m sure he is missed terribly. 🙁

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