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  • Greenleaf State Park , Geocaching, and Snakes…

    My darling husband (I think I shall call him that from now on) and I took are two little rascals to Greenleaf State Park near Muskogee, OK.

    We have not Geocached in a long time so we thought we would look up some caches this time.

    What is Geocaching you ask?

    Pretend like you asked…

    It is when you use a GPS to find treasure…

    That is what I tell my boys at least.

    The less exciting version is:

    Someone puts a water proof container (box, ammo can, film canister) in a location (mostly parks but they are sometimes just on the side of the road) and then puts the location up on the Internet. You then get the location, enter it into your GPS device, and try to find what they have hidden.

    The bigger caches (containers) hold little trinkets that you can trade another trinket of the same value for.

    Here is one of the caches we found (I actually found this one!). It was right in front of me and I just happened to look at it but that is just a technicality…

    This is my oldest trading his car for some lego’s.


    If you have boys and you tell them they are pirates looking for treasure they may think they have to defend it.

    Sorry to anyone that met us on the trail and my boys tried to attack you…

    This cache was located here.

    I saw it and said, “this is Oklahoma, you don’t hide things is a big rock pile. There are snakes.”

    Sometimes I wish I was wrong…

    This closer shot is courtesy of my darling husband(that nickname is really growing on me).

    He was looking for the cache when I hear, “hmm”.

    I know what that sound means.

    So I very anxiously asked, “what?”

    He said that he thinks he found a Cottonmouth and to bring him the camera.

    I did, because I am odd like that.

    How close was he you ask?

    I stayed a little farther back.

    One of us needed to live for the children’s sake.

    I thought I should end with something pretty to maybe help you forget the snake.


    You can find more information about Geocaching at geocaching.com

    Not all the caches have snakes guarding them. I promise!

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    6 Responses to “Greenleaf State Park , Geocaching, and Snakes…”

    1. Connie says:

      Oh, Danielle this made me laugh! However, when I saw how close your husband was….I admit… i thought…is he nuts!!! :o) Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    2. Jennifer says:

      A snake can strike up to two times it body length. You may want to tell your husband that. Thankfully, you would have had a few hours to get him to the ER. I saw a kid (20 years, I am just old) on the news that got bit on a hike and it took him 3 hours to get to the ER and he was ok….but still. Who wants to go through all of that.

      • admin says:

        Actually I looked it up, 1/3 to 1/2 their body length is striking distance. Nick was not as close as he appears (that is what he says at least). Thanks for the concern though.

    3. Nuno says:

      That is definitely an angry cottonmouth, i know that geocaching is all about “hiding stuff” but on snake country we should be aware of that fact.

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