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  • Gloss Mountain State Park ~Oklahoma

    At the Gloss Mountain State Park.

    There is a hiking trail that leads up on top of Cathedral Mountain.

    The only difficult part of this hike is getting up the stairs. It is nice and flat after that.

    The trail is under 2 miles in length and is the only trail that I know of in the park.

    My little climbers.

    Beautiful view.

    My boys realized that mommy was too close to the edge.

    I am klutzy, I think they have figured that out about me already.

    I actually stayed far away from the edge. I have found that when I take a picture anywhere near a ledge I feel like I am falling.

    Not a pleasant sensation.

    I made them come back so Nick could carry my extra lens for me.

    I am awesome like that…

    Why is it that boys always find playing in dirt to be the highlight of any time spent outside?

    We are on top of a Mountain (albeit a small one) and still they just want to dig in the dirt.

    What is he looking at?

    This little guy.

    The poor little thing was scared.

    The sunlight started to do amazing things.

    I could have stayed up there until the sun was completely gone.

    Of course, then I would be stuck on top of a mountain with a spider in the dark…

    The plaque talked about the naming of the mountain and the confusion about the name.

    I really enjoyed visiting this park.

    That being said, it is a very short hike so for next time I will plan on doing other things in the area before going here.

    Here is a list of a couple places I want to visit for the next time:

    Great Salt Plains State Park

    Sod House Museum

    Little Sahara State Park

    I loved being at the Gloss Mountains at sunset so I will probably save it for last.

    Get out and enjoy where you live!

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