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I am a wife, homeschool mom, a hiker, and a photographer living in Oklahoma. I love beautiful light and being in the woods. I share what I love on this blog, be they trails, pictures, or homschooling curriculum. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Favorites from May 2016 ~ Adoption

    I had too many favorites this month so you get A LOT of pics!

    ablancaDSC_4055 ablancaDSC_4063 ablancaDSC_4072 abubblesDSC_1307 abubblesDSC_1310 abubblesDSC_1312 abubblesDSC_1322 abubblesDSC_1344 abubblesDSC_1476 abubblesDSC_1524 abubblesDSC_1600 abubblesDSC_1629

    Helping her feed squirrels.

    abubblesDSC_1630 abubblesDSC_1758 abubblesDSC_1767 abubblesDSC_1775 abubblesDSC_1818 abubblesDSC_1834 abubblesDSC_1840 abubblesDSC_1844 abubblesDSC_1856


    abubblesDSC_1861 abubblesDSC_1873 abubblesDSC_1893 afireworksDSC_6745 aberriesDSC_5233 aberriesDSC_5562 afluffDSC_5009 afluffDSC_5023 afluffDSC_5064 afluffDSC_5081 afluffDSC_5086 afluffDSC_5133 afluffDSC_5167 afluffDSC_5174 afluffDSC_5183

    Big brothers are great at helping you get messy.

    afluffDSC_5205 afluffDSC_5227 afluffDSC_5233 afluffDSC_5319 afluffDSC_5391

    Those smiles.

    afluffDSC_5392 afluffDSC_5397 afluffDSC_5490 afluffDSC_5496 afluffDSC_5509 afluffDSC_5532 afluffDSC_5539bw afluffDSC_5544

    Holding bugs is good “gentle and kind” practice.

    He is so good at helping them.

    afluffDSC_5568 afluffDSC_5574 afluffDSC_5595 afluffDSC_5658 afluffDSC_5690 afluffDSC_5714 afluffDSC_5742 afluffDSC_5751

    Adventurous one.

    afluffDSC_5756 afluffDSC_5766 afluffDSC_5828bw afluffDSC_5850bw afluffDSC_5968 abdayDSC_2082 abdayDSC_2083 abdayDSC_2127

    Little bit celebrated her 2nd bday in May.


    This cracked me up.

    Babies wearing babies.

    She looked like a tired mother.


    ababyDSC_4158 ababyDSC_4182

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