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  • Explorers ~Columbus and Oceans!

    Two of the books that did not get pictured in this shot are “The Magic School Bus on the ocean floor” and Geronimo Stilton “The discovery of America“.

    We did one day on Marco Polo before we started on Columbus.

    I finally caved and bought a grammar book.

    I really like this one! The lessons are simple and the boys are retaining a lot!

    He is reading the Geronimo Stilton book “The Discovery of America”.

    We read it all together for the first book on Columbus but then he wanted to read it on his own as well.

    We finally got to use our Aquarium guide!

    I might have gotten a little bit to enthusiastic about it.

    We were reading about feeder shrimp and saw one in with the eel, it then climbed up on the eel and looked like it was going to clean it’s mouth!

    I was practically jumping up and down and yelling…

    An employee came up and asked if we saw the eel.

    Um, yeah. I saw it thank you…

    This is at the Jenks Aquarium.

    Since we were learning about oceans we did this salt water experiment.

    All you need is water, two glasses, two eggs, and some salt.

    It worked great!

    The boys loved it!

    The Santa Maria.

    Columbus looked like a viking and his first mate dressed like a storm trooper.

    You didn’t know that?

    Hmm, they must have left it out of some of the history books.

    We made this so the boys could see how sails worked.

    We put it in the bathtub and used a fan for the wind.

    One of the things I like so much about RightStart math is how hands on it is!

    They get to play some sort of game almost every day.

    His loosing face.

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    1. stephanie says:

      Love his losing face.

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