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  • Devil’s Den and Thanksgiving

    We went to Devil’s Den for Thanksgiving.

    Things I learned;

    No matter what holiday, reserve a spot.

    People like to camp for Thanksgiving apparently.

    Also, if camping here make sure you get there while the office is open.


    We almost did not get a spot!

    I figured out we had to check in at the office before trying to find a site and just happened to catch an employee leaving.

    My kids were tired and done with being in the vehicle.

    It was pretty close to their bedtime and I was not sure we were going to be able to stay!

    I was also worried my backup plan would be full and closed also.


    The lady helping us said she had one spot left and gave us the number.

    When we got to the campsite it said reserved and had a name on it so we drove back up to the main road to get a cell signal.

    I started searching and calling to try and find another place to stay or find out what to do.

    I do not do well in these situations.

    I was panicking.


    Thankfully right when I was about to lose it the ranger came by and we asked her what to do!

    Thankfully she told us we could still have the spot that the person had moved to a different one.

    When I went to pay at the office the next morning, someone was reserving spots for next year!

    I guess I need to plan better next time.


    aadenDSC_6641 aadenDSC_6674 aadenDSC_6698 aadenDSC_6699

    The next day was Thanksgiving!

    We paid for the site and went for a hike before eating pie…

    I mean our meal.


    I just wanted pie.


    My kitchen 😉


    Devils Den Trail.


    We are still working with the twins on how to go down steep hills.

    They keep trying to lean forward!

    I really don’t want them falling on their face so we are trying to get them to lean back a bit.

    It ends up being very awkward looking.



    We like to read any rules posted out loud to the kids during a hike(because then it is not me but the park telling them to not do it).

    One had stated that the caves were closed to protect the bats and that you are not allowed to through rocks at bats or other animals.

    My oldest daughter saw someone throwing a rock in one of the caves to check how deep it was and got upset and said: “YOU COULD HIT A BAT!”

    I will call this a win.

    Glad she was listening.


    She was trying to take up the whole seat so her dad could not sit down.




    This is one of my favorite hikes to do at the park and always a favorite of my kids.


    There was a hawk just sitting on the bank.

    You can see it to the left of Nick’s shoulder.


    I am not sure what was wrong with it.

    aadenDSC_6894 aadenDSC_6896

    The kids liked watching it though.

    I wished I had brought my telephoto lens…

    aadenDSC_6898 aadenDSC_6907 aadenDSC_6918 aadenDSC_6930 aadenDSC_6932 aadenDSC_6936

    We got to mark off another state on our scratch off map!

    aadenDSC_7016 aadenDSC_6984

    aadenDSC_6989 aadenDSC_6993 aadenDSC_7012

    I was planning on sharing our whole camping trip in one post but I think that would be a bit long so I will stop on the first day.

    Anyone else not do well with last minute planning and changes?

    I think reservations were made for people like me…

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