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    Map Art for our Family Picture Wall

    Saturday, February 8th, 2014

    Since most of our family lives out of state I hung pictures in our hallway of extended family.

    I might have also wanted to do something with the hundreds of pictures I take of them all…

    I had been wanting to add some personal art to the wall for a while now and today finally did it!

    DIY Heart Map Art ~Danielle Huddleston Photography

    I have seen art like this floating around all over Pinterest for a while now and knew it was easy enough I could actually attempt it!

    I used a cookie cutter to trace a heart shape from each state Nick and I are from and the state we live in now.

    I just used scrapbooking tabs to stick them to a paper and framed it!

    onthewallIt fits right in on a wall dedicated to family that lives far away.

    hallway2I love walking by and seeing my cute nieces and nephews!

    My boys really like looking at the pictures of their grandparents.

    I got the idea from Young House Love’s Hallway.

    Other than the new art the hallway has been done for a while but it is hard to get pictures of it because it is so dark.

    I thought right before valentines day would be a good time to share my new heart map art!

    The new table he built me!

    Monday, September 30th, 2013

    schoolroomThis little table was just not cutting it anymore.

    The boys could not both do workbooks on it at the same time without getting into fights about the other one messing them up by hitting their work.

    Plus their math takes a lot of room and things kept falling to the floor.

    So my awesome husband built me a new one this weekend!

    panelsHe had me pick out the top I wanted at Lowes.

    I chose two pine panels.

    joinerThen he joined the panels together.

    pocketjig legsHe used lumber he already had for the legs.

    sealThen I put a couple coats of a water based sealer on it.

    He attached the top when I was done sealing it.



    after2It’s so nice!

    tabletopI love the clean and simple look.

    holderWe can actually fit the caddy he made me years ago on it!

    I cannot wait to start school today and try it out!

    Handy husbands are awesome!

    I did it! Sort of…

    Wednesday, August 14th, 2013


    After years of saying I was going to paint my door red I finally did it!

    I decided to do it while my husband was gone for 6 weeks.

    I like projects when he is gone.


    Maybe I just like the idea of a project.

    When I actually start it that is another story.


    We had a beautiful week of under 90 temps and I knew I had to seize my chance!

    My mom gave me this great idea to keep the bugs out!

    I was just going to leave my door wide open for 3 days…


    I used Olympia brand paint and was not all that happy with the coverage.

    It would have been worth it to me to get a brand that would have taken less coats.

    I do love the color though!

    I did three coats of paint and it still needs another one!

    I was out of nice days though so it will have to wait.

    Which translates into, never going to happen.


    My new beautiful red door is making my porch look a little shabby…

    Maybe I will paint it!

    I should get to it in 5 years or so…

    The porch might look shabby because someone(maybe me) tried to pull it down with a garden house and a vehicle…

    Nope, I am sure it just needs some paint!