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    Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge ~Rochert, MN

    Tuesday, January 9th, 2018


    I am convinced that everything is pretty in Minnesota.

    Especially in the fall.


    The Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge is another favorite stop when up there.



    I am not sure of the name of the hike but it is a pretty one, out to a spillway.

    It is between Blackbird Lake and South Chippewa Lake.

    amnDSC_0240 amnDSC_0248

    Nick’s dad is a bit of a survivalist and knows what things you can eat in the woods.

    amnDSC_0257 amnDSC_0269 amnDSC_0283

    There were so many swans!

    amnDSC_0294 amnDSC_0320 amnDSC_0324 amnDSC_0328 amnDSC_0334 amnDSC_0336 amnDSC_0342

    This last trail was pretty funny.

    We went on the trail it looped back to the road.

    We basically doubled back to our vehicle to get to the platform.



    We headed to Itasca State Park from here!

    Shawnee Nation Forest ~Southern Illinois

    Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

    ashawneeDSC_7327 ashawneeDSC_7331 ashawneeDSC_7342

    The Rim Rock Trail in the Shawnee National Forest was nice and easy with some pretty views.

    ashawneeDSC_7348 ashawneeDSC_7368 ashawneeDSC_7378 ashawneeDSC_7383 ashawneeDSC_7410

    We also saw a snake climbing a tree!

    But the winner of Shawnee National Forest for us was definitely the Garden of the Gods Trail!

    ashawneeDSC_7429 ashawneeDSC_7442

    It had an easy walking path, beautiful views, amazing light because of it being late in the day and…

    ashawneeDSC_7444 ashawneeDSC_7446 ashawneeDSC_7450


    ashawneeDSC_7452_01 ashawneeDSC_7454

    My kids loved climbing on all the rocks.

    ashawneeDSC_7467 ashawneeDSC_7469 ashawneeDSC_7470 ashawneeDSC_7475 ashawneeDSC_7483 ashawneeDSC_7487

    He takes his photo bombing seriously…

    ashawneeDSC_7489 ashawneeDSC_7490 ashawneeDSC_7500 ashawneeDSC_7513_01

    Even little bit loves to climb.

    ashawneeDSC_7516 ashawneeDSC_7521 ashawneeDSC_7523 ashawneeDSC_7530 ashawneeDSC_7533_01 ashawneeDSC_7552 ashawneeDSC_7559 ashawneeDSC_7576

    My kids were like “Path? What path?”

    ashawneeDSC_7577 ashawneeDSC_7585 ashawneeDSC_7629 ashawneeDSC_7633 ashawneeDSC_7638

    We just had to keep an eye on what was on the other side of their climbs.

    Thankfully there were plenty of rocks nowhere near the edge.

    ashawneeDSC_7644 ashawneeDSC_7648 ashawneeDSC_7671

    This was a huge hit!

    So glad we found this beautiful hike!

    Talimena Scenic Drive

    Friday, December 2nd, 2016

    All I wanted for my birthday was mountains(or as close as you can get to them in Oklahoma) and a fall family picture.

    My husband drove me all of the way to Ouachita Mountains and back in one day.

    Long drive but I was happy to be there.

    I would move there in a heartbeat.

    adrivedsc_8589 adrivedsc_8588 adrivedsc_8601 adrivedsc_8611 adrivedsc_8620 adrivedsc_8625 adrivedsc_8632 adrivedsc_8637 adrivedsc_8649adrivedsc_8661 adrivedsc_8681

    It is always a good idea to make sure you don’t forget the tripod if one of your goals on a trip is a family pic.

    I ended up balancing my camera on my camera bag and even on the hood of our vehicle.


    adrivedsc_8685 adrivedsc_8692 adrive8670bw adrivedsc_8696 adrivedsc_8699 adrivedsc_8700 adrivedsc_8721 adrivedsc_8729 adrivedsc_8732 adrivedsc_8780 adrivedsc_8781 adrivedsc_8786 adrivedsc_8791 adrive8785 adrive8778bw adrivedsc_8795 adrivedsc_8809 adrivedsc_8815 adrivedsc_8822We went on lots of short hikes which is a little bit different than what we used to do but such is life with a toddler.

    Maybe next time we can stay the night and get some more hiking in.

    And yes, I did think it was odd that I wanted to stay in a vehicle with 5 kids all day for my birthday.