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    Maramec Spring Park ~St. James, MO

    Monday, May 22nd, 2017

    This is a beautiful park in Missouri!

    Maramec Spring Park is not too far outside of St. Louis and a short distance away from Interstate 40.

    aspringsDSC_6398 aspringsDSC_6407

    They have these pools filled with trout!

    There were so many, it seemed unreal.

    aspringsDSC_6411 aspringsDSC_6421 aspringsDSC_6434 aspringsDSC_6438 aspringsDSC_6443 aspringsDSC_6446 aspringsDSC_6448 aspringsDSC_6450 aspringsDSC_6455 aspringsDSC_6458 aspringsDSC_6459

    They have beautiful paths for you to walk along the river.

    aspringsDSC_6476 aspringsDSC_6483

    They have several feeding stations set up also.

    Someone was super nice and gave us some quarters they did not need, so we could feed the fish.

    aspringsDSC_6485 aspringsDSC_6494

    My kids were just searching the ground for fish food people had dropped since we did not bring any quarters.

    aspringsDSC_6504 aspringsDSC_6524 aspringsDSC_6541 aspringsDSC_6556 aspringsDSC_6559

    They had a nice museum to go to.

    There was another also but I found we all did better outdoors after being in a vehicle for hours…


    The kids really liked this watershed display.

    It really rained.

    aspringsDSC_6578 aspringsDSC_6588 aspringsDSC_6593 aspringsDSC_6597 aspringsDSC_6602 aspringsDSC_6607 aspringsDSC_6613 aspringsDSC_6615 aspringsDSC_6624

    This is a great spot to stop for us on trips to Indiana.

    Can’t wait to go there again!

    Tulsa Waterworks & A Serendipitous Educational Moment

    Wednesday, May 10th, 2017


    A friend of mine was watching one of my girls for me so I had only 4 kids!

    I wanted to go for a walk and was looking around for a good place when we found a pretty big city waterworks and reservoir.



    This was perfect!

    We had just watched the Magic School Bus waterworks show on the way their!

    awaterworksDSC_3823_01 awaterworksDSC_3824_01

    It was great to talk about what we had just watched while walking on the walking path around the reservoir.

    awaterworksDSC_3825_01 awaterworksDSC_3826_01

    The cleaning process was a lot more interesting after seeing a dead fish in the water people drink…

    awaterworksDSC_3828_01 awaterworksDSC_3829_01 awaterworksDSC_3835_01 awaterworksDSC_3841_01 awaterworksDSC_3843_01 awaterworksDSC_3845_01

    Thanks dead fish for an easy teachable moment.

    Pretty sure they will remember this one.

     It would be so much fun to tour the actual waterworks!

    It was right next to us and so impressive looking!

    Little Bit is turning 3

    Friday, May 5th, 2017

    DSC_89752yrs ago

    DSC_23101yr ago





    Can’t believe she is almost 3. I want to remember that smile, her love of dancing, that Roger’s & Hammerstein’s Cinderella is one of her favorite movies and she sings the songs, and she doesn’t like meat 😉

    Goodnight almost 3yr old.