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    Thursday, December 28th, 2017

    We were so happy to get surprised with snow right before Christmas!!!

    asnowDSC_8492 asnowDSC_8493 asnowDSC_8495It has already melted but I am hoping we get more this winter!



    It was really wet snow so the kids were able to sled and throw snowballs(the painful kind, like rocks).

    I noticed that I got snow stilts after a little bit.

    asnowDSC_8545 asnowDSC_8550

    Little bit was sure she wanted to ride with her big brother on this part even though he thought they would run into one of those cedar trees.

    She got snow all over her face and hair…
    asnowDSC_8567 asnowDSC_8572 asnowDSC_8576
    Mostly she just wanted to eat snow the whole time.

    My kids ate plenty of dirt that day I am sure.


    asnowDSC_8639 asnowDSC_8648
    I love this girls happy smile.

    asnowDSC_8676 asnowDSC_8677
    The girls are not good at telling when they are getting a little bit cold so they wait too long to go inside or stop picking up snow.

    This usually results in tears when we do go inside.
    asnowDSC_8703 asnowDSC_8706
    asnowDSC_8719 asnowDSC_8723

    Glad we got to play in the snow in Oklahoma!

    Do you get snow where you live?

    Enjoy it or hate it?

    Handing off the camera

    Thursday, December 21st, 2017

    ameDSC_8230 ameDSC_8240

    I handed my camera off to one of my 8yr olds and got some treasure.

    ameDSC_8250 ameDSC_8254

    I am pretty impressed she got us in focus.

    ameDSC_8255 ameDSC_8256 ameDSC_8259

    Love that smile.


    Sassing 3yr old.

    ameDSC_8262 ameDSC_8268 ameDSC_8269 ameDSC_8275
    ameDSC_8283 ameDSC_8284
    ameDSC_8294 ameDSC_8299 ameDSC_8304 ameDSC_8314


    Little bit wanted to take pics of her sister also.

    I helped make sure it did not fall.

    ameDSC_8329 ameDSC_8330 ameDSC_8331

    Do you hand off your phone or camera to your little ones?

    Tulsa Discovery Center ~Tulsa, OK

    Monday, December 18th, 2017

    Here are some of my favorites from our recent trip to the Tulsa Children’s Museum.

    achild8401bw achildDSC_8416

    We brought a friend with us so she will pop up in some of the pics also.


    They change out exhibits pretty often so it is not the same things over and over.

    I had not been in a while so the only thing not new to me was the tape slide and toddler/baby area.


    My youngest boy spent most of the time building this wagon/sled and the rest of the time giving rides to kids.

    I think if left alone, he would build quietly all day.

    With three little sisters and a brother though that never happens…


    achildDSC_8468bw achildDSC_8480bw

    Dad helped him improve his design a bit so it would be easier to pull.

    Which meant it went faster…


    Have you checked out the Oklahoma Museum Network?

    This is one of the museums on it along with several other really good ones.

    Here are my posts on the others;

    Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum

    Leonardo’s Children Museum

    Museum of the Great Plains

    Science Museum Oklahoma(I don’t have a recent post up yet)