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    Dinosaur Valley State Park ~Glen Rose, TX

    Friday, February 2nd, 2018

    This was actually our second trip to Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas.

    For some reason, my boys did not remember our last visit…


    My oldest on our last trip in 2009.

    No clue why they don’t remember.

    Kids… adinoDSC_0335 adinoDSC_0348 adinoDSC_0355

    Dino Tracks!

    adinoDSC_0376 adinoDSC_0393 adinoDSC_0411 adinoDSC_0422 adinoDSC_0426 adinoDSC_0432


    We went to another park nearby called Cleburne State Park and went on the spillway trail.

    The trail wound through Juniper bushes and felt like a maze.

    It was beautiful.

    adinoDSC_0549 adinoDSC_0557

    I love how peaceful and calm this looks.

    Not like I had just tried to wash a toddler’s pants in the bathroom and tried to dry them with the hand dryer(unsuccessfully).

    Really should bring a change of clothes…

    adinoDSC_0558 adinoDSC_0570 adinoDSC_0580


    There is a view of the spillway and lake from the top.

    adinoDSC_0598 adinoDSC_0608 adinoDSC_0609

    Back at Dinosaur Valley.

    You have to walk across these rocks to get to the main set of dinosaur tracks.

    adinoDSC_0619 adinoDSC_0639


    Notice anything in the background?

    He was waving his arms up and down while running at them.

    I was cracking up.

    adinoDSC_0649 adinoDSC_0650 adinoDSC_0653 adinoDSC_0664


    We went on the overlook trail next.

    adinoDSC_0671 adinoDSC_0681 adinoDSC_0687 adinoDSC_0693 adinoDSC_0696

    I thought it was not too bad but then Nick pointed out this was not the overlook and it kept going up.


    adinoDSC_0714 adinoDSC_0725

    The river is so pretty.

    Clear and blue.

    They have a beautiful swimming hole at this park also.

    adinoDSC_0730 adinoDSC_0738 adinoDSC_0766 adinoDSC_0768 adinoDSC_0773

    At the overlook with the half pints.

    I try to get in pics when I can.

    adinoDSC_0795 adinoDSC_0800 adinoDSC_0802

    Inside our RV.

    The layout has worked really well for us.

    The twins sleep right next to where Nick and I sleep and the other three sleep on the bunks.


    I have found that I need everyone outside when I cook in here though.

    It can get chaotic really fast otherwise.

    One twin sleeps on the couch and the other sleeps on the dinette after it is folded down.

    We usually just leave it down and the kids eat outside.

    They are messy eaters anyway so this works well for cleanup.


    Our bedroom is pretty much just the bed but that works for us.

    This looks totally different right now because Nick needed to replace the floor and some of the walls due to rot.

    So we are getting a new bed and floor.


    We went across the river near the campground for our last hike.

    There is a whole trail system that we had not been on before over there.

    The water was a little high and the twins were not sure about crossing on the rocks.

    I thought Nick would have to carry them across a couple times.

    adinoDSC_0842 adinoDSC_0845

    We took the Cedar Break Outer Loop to the Buckeye Trail.

    Which gave us a nice mangable length loop.

    adinoDSC_0861 adinoDSC_0898 adinoDSC_0917 adinoDSC_0921

    Beautiful last hike.

    As a bonus, the twins made it back across the river!

    Although one of them sat on the shore and insisted she was not crossing…

    I had to keep reminding her that she had already made it once so the way back would be easy.


    adinoDSC_0925 adinoDSC_0962

    Most of the campsite had these beautiful trees all around them.


    These two.

    They are always making me smile.



    A true picture of what it is like to have little sisters…

    She kept petting him and saying he was a cute little baby.

    adinoDSC_0969 adinoDSC_0979

    That smile.


    Our campsite was near the campground and bathroom.

    With five kids I have found being close to those super helpful.

    Otherwise, instead of camping, I am pretty much walking to the bathroom with kids the whole trip.

    Well, I am doing that anyway.

    This way it is at least faster so it takes up less of our trip.

    adinoDSC_1132 adinoDSC_1223 adinoDSC_1239 adinoDSC_1254

    Sometimes being the littlest is just hard.

    Like when you can’t get to the top and slide down.

    adinoDSC_1256 adinoDSC_1268 adinoDSC_1269 adinoDSC_1271

    She wanted to do a flip so much!

    Finally got it!

    adinoDSC_1272 adinoDSC_1291 adinoDSC_1308

    Camping with 5 kids is hard.

    If one is up, everyone is up.

    You feel the bad moods more.

    And sometimes I hike without Nick and just a couple of the kids because someone can’t hike right then.

    Every time I try to pack for our trips I wonder if it is worth it.

    Every trip the good outweighs the bad.

    Take the trip, take pretty pictures, soak in a sunset, and choose to remember the pretty moments.

    Grow from the hard ones but remember the sweet ones.

    Here is the video I did of our trip!

    Science Museum of Oklahoma ~OKC

    Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

    We finally made it back to the OKC Science Museum!

    I think it was over a year since our last trip.


    I love this kind of quiet calm area where you can sit and just watch the marble run’s.

    So needed is such a huge place that is often loud.


    My kids will really just sit and watch them for a long time!


    We brought a friend with us so we had six kids for this trip.


    So many great places to invent and explore!


    This girl is way cooler than me…

    ascienceDSC_9765 ascienceDSC_9777

    Yes I take a lot of pictures if I like light.


    ascienceDSC_9793 ascienceDSC_9811

    My second oldest will just stay in one area and quietly work.

    Chaos all around and he does not even twitch.

    I think he could do just one thing for hours.

    ascienceDSC_9821 ascienceDSC_9836

    I was already getting tired from all the noise and people so I found a little corner to sit and take pictures while Nick helped all the children do an art project.

    I am super helpful like that…


    He knows so much, I love watching him explain things to the kids.

    ascienceDSC_9906 ascienceDSC_9932

    We spent so much time in CurioCity that we barely touched the other parts of the museum this time.


    I am so glad that we have such an amazing museum close to us!

    It is such a gift to watch kids learn and explore(while they think they are playing).



    This is an Oklahoma Museum Network museum so if you buy the pass you can get into this one as well!

    We are a large family so we buy a membership to the museum we will go to the most and then add on the OMN upgrade.

    We end up having to buy a few tickets at each OMN museum we visit.

    It is still a really good deal though.

    So many great museums on that pass!

    My life is sweeter with him in it.

    Thursday, January 25th, 2018


    My second oldest just turned 10 yesterday and to celebrate we went camping.

    We left Friday and got back yesterday so about 5 days.

    He is my walking encyclopedia of dinosaurs so we went to Dinosaur Valley State Park.

    I love that he knows the creationist view on dinosaurs also.

    He knows more than I do for sure.

    I am always learning new facts from him.

    He will play all by himself in the dirt with just a few rocks for hours.

    He thinks up games to play with clouds while we drive.

    He is so easy to please.

    I am glad I got to see his excited smile so much the last few days.

    Happy Birthday.

    You make life sweeter.