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    Indiana and my sister’s wedding

    Thursday, May 25th, 2017

    I took the opportunity of all of us looking nice to have Nick take a pic.

    aindDSC_6818 aindDSC_6821

    It is usually a bit of work to get everyone to cooperate.

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    My beautiful sister.

    Loved her dress.

    aindDSC_6942 aindDSC_6943

    My adorable nieces.

    aindDSC_6945 aindDSC_6952

    My sister and sister in-law took pics for her wedding.




    Hug sandwich


    They barely touched this train set while it was at our house, now it is their favorite toy at my parents…

    TREC ~Bike Trail in Effingham, ILL

    Wednesday, May 24th, 2017


    Whenever we are going to visit my family in Indiana, we like to stop at Effingham, ILL.

    This is the first time I had seen anything about this bike trail though.


    It was nice to get out and run around!

    aspringsDSC_6690 aspringsDSC_6692

    It is a beautiful trail also!

    aspringsDSC_6699 aspringsDSC_6742 aspringsDSC_6751 aspringsDSC_6763 aspringsDSC_6771 aspringsDSC_6774 aspringsDSC_6782 aspringsDSC_6794 aspringsDSC_6795 aspringsDSC_6799

    It took a lot to get my kids to stop getting in the shot of just Nick and I…



    Nick moved it off the trail.

    Glad we have a new place to run off some energy after the long drive through Illinois.

     It can be difficult to find the entrances so make sure you read up on it before you go.

    There website is, here.

    Shaw Nature Reserve, MO

    Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

    aspringsDSC_6631 aspringsDSC_6634

    While very beautiful and really close to Interstate 40, most of the trails are not accessible except by foot on weekends.

    The main road that goes through the Reserve is closed Friday-Sunday to vehicles.

    I can’t find any information about this on their website but we were told that was the case and they had the road closed when we were there on a Friday.


    I thought this rain garden idea was interesting.


    The garden at Bascom House was beautiful.

    I would like to go again when all the trails are accessible or we are able to hike to the other trails.

    aspringsDSC_6640 aspringsDSC_6641 aspringsDSC_6645

    aspringsDSC_6646_01 aspringsDSC_6649 aspringsDSC_6658 aspringsDSC_6659 aspringsDSC_6661

    Beautiful stop right outside St. Louis.

    Find more information at their website, here.