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    USS Batfish Living History Day! ~Muskogee War Memorial Park

    Tuesday, August 8th, 2017


    We went to the Living History Day at the USS Batfish for my oldest.

    It was his birthday Monday so we wanted to be sure and do something he liked that weekend.


    He loves learning about battles and especially the World War 1 &2 so this was perfect.

    abatfishDSC_2877 abatfishDSC_2879

    The boys liked spotting pictures of themselves from previous trips.

    abatfishDSC_2884 abatfishDSC_2886

    He was pretty excited about the big guns.

    abatfishDSC_2909 abatfishDSC_2910 abatfishDSC_2915 abatfishDSC_2927 abatfishDSC_2936 abatfishDSC_2938 abatfishDSC_2957 abatfishDSC_2960 abatfishDSC_2985 abatfishDSC_2994 abatfishDSC_2999 abatfishDSC_3000 abatfishDSC_3006 abatfishDSC_3011 abatfishDSC_3012 abatfishDSC_3018 abatfishDSC_3025 abatfishDSC_3030

    All the volunteers our so great with kids!

    abatfishDSC_3036 abatfishDSC_3045 abatfishDSC_3047 abatfishDSC_3074 abatfishDSC_3078 abatfishDSC_3083 abatfishDSC_3087 abatfishDSC_3098

    Little bit did not appreciate the engine room sounds they had going.


    abatfishDSC_3099 abatfishDSC_3117 abatfishDSC_3121 abatfishDSC_3131 abatfishDSC_3139 abatfishDSC_3141 abatfishDSC_3147 abatfishDSC_3150 abatfishDSC_3164 abatfishDSC_3177 abatfishDSC_3191 abatfishDSC_3201

    One happy birthday boy.

    abatfishDSC_3209 abatfishDSC_3212 abatfishDSC_3220 abatfishDSC_3223

    Sand Springs Herbal Affair & Festival ~Sand Springs, Ok

    Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

    We went to the Sand Springs Herbal Affair and Festival this morning!

    We did not stay very long but it was a nice start to our Saturday.



    aherbfestDSC_4789 aherbfestDSC_4790 aherbfestDSC_4796 aherbfestDSC_4799 aherbfestDSC_4807

    arainDSC_4802 aherbfestDSC_4808

    These soaps smelled so good!

    And so did the spices, and the herbs, and the food…

    I wanted it all pretty much.

    aherbfestDSC_4809 aherbfestDSC_4811 aherbfestDSC_4812 aherbfestDSC_4814 aherbfestDSC_4819 aherbfestDSC_4821

    No clue who these people were that dressed up as a King and Queen but the kids got a kick out of it.

    aherbfestDSC_4825 aherbfestDSC_4829

    Wore the wrong shoes…

    aherbfestDSC_4830 aherbfestDSC_4835

    They all really liked the shuttle ride from the parking lot to the festival!


    It was very chilly which was funny since last week we went to the Herb Festival in Jenks and it was hot!

    Woolaroc Spring Traders Encampment

    Monday, April 17th, 2017

    I really enjoy going to Woolaroc during one of their events.

    We have gone to several over the years and the spring traders encampment did not disappoint.


    After a pretty, but long drive, we stopped at the little gas station right by the entrance to get out and stretch our legs.


    They have several types of animals that live on the ranch.

    I have seen the most in the winter.

    They appeared to be close to the road due to being fed in the winter.

    Other parts like the petting zoo are not usually open though in the winter but if you are wanting to see the heards that live on the ranch winter has been the best time for me so far.

    awoolarocDSC_3002 awoolarocDSC_3018

    They had so many people camping there!

    Some are maybe just wanting to have the experience as opposed to wanting to teach you about it.

    I have found you can tell pretty quickly who wants to share history with you.

    They are enthusiastic and start talking right away and seem to love questions.

    Just be respectful of people that maybe just want to enjoy the experience themselves.

    awoolarocDSC_3025 awoolarocDSC_3030

    They had a lot of people selling things which of course my kids loved.

    They all wanted everything pretty much…

    awoolarocDSC_3034 awoolarocDSC_3036

    Little bit had already heard some musket fire and was covering her ears.

    awoolarocDSC_3040 awoolarocDSC_3064 awoolarocDSC_3086 awoolarocDSC_3089 awoolarocDSC_3110

    I had my second oldest wear our gopro to get his point of view of the event.

    It was so much fun to look at later!

    I posted a short clip on youtube which I will share at the end of this post.


    Most of the footage I cannot share because we had a little friend with us that is in it.

    awoolarocDSC_3131 awoolarocDSC_3138 awoolarocDSC_3151 awoolarocDSC_3153 awoolarocDSC_3169 awoolarocDSC_3182

    I love events that make you feel like you have stepped back in time.

    It makes history come alive!

    awoolarocDSC_3184 awoolarocDSC_3188

    This couple was great with the kids!

    So happy to answer questions and demonstrate!

    I am so thankful for people like them that help make history interesting.

    awoolarocDSC_3190 awoolarocDSC_3192 awoolarocDSC_3201 awoolarocDSC_3205

    A big gust of wind came and blew a bunch of stuff away, including his hat.

    Which hit me right in the head.


    I am just really glad it was only a hat!

    awoolarocDSC_3210 awoolarocDSC_3238

    Muskets are loud!

    Little bit tends to hate loud noises, unless she is making them of course.

    awoolarocDSC_3240 awoolarocDSC_3243 awoolarocDSC_3245 awoolarocDSC_3250 awoolarocDSC_3257 awoolarocDSC_3260 awoolarocDSC_3263 awoolarocDSC_3279 awoolarocDSC_3294

    This little guy almost got stepped on by us!


    I am surprised he did not hide right away from my noisy group.

    awoolarocDSC_3304 awoolarocDSC_3317 awoolarocDSC_3321 awoolarocDSC_3341 awoolarocDSC_3344 awoolarocDSC_3359 awoolarocDSC_3394 awoolarocDSC_3413 awoolarocDSC_3418 awoolarocDSC_3433

    It was a great trip and totally worth the drive.

    What a beautiful place.

    Here is a clip of the video my son took.