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    Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum ~Seminole, OK

    Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

    It had been a while for some of my kids since we last came to the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum and some had never been.


    It is like a children’s village inside a building.

    Complete with a plane cockpit sticking out of a wall…

    aajasDSC_3716 aajasDSC_3748 aajasDSC_3767

    They can pretend to be teachers.








    Apparently crooked butchers…

    aajasDSC_3862 aajasDSC_3881



    Around each corner is a different way to play and pretend.


    Like an Ambulance sticking out of a wall.

    aajasDSC_3896 aajasDSC_3918 aajasDSC_3936 aajasDSC_3972 aajasDSC_4014 aajasDSC_4069

    We get the OMN membership added onto our Tulsa Children’s Museum membership so we can get 5 people in this museum using that.

    Every time we go I forget how big it is…

    Why do kids bounce back so quickly?

    Why can’t they be worn out all day like adults after going to places like this?

    USS Batfish Living History Day! ~Muskogee War Memorial Park

    Tuesday, August 8th, 2017


    We went to the Living History Day at the USS Batfish for my oldest.

    It was his birthday Monday so we wanted to be sure and do something he liked that weekend.


    He loves learning about battles and especially the World War 1 &2 so this was perfect.

    abatfishDSC_2877 abatfishDSC_2879

    The boys liked spotting pictures of themselves from previous trips.

    abatfishDSC_2884 abatfishDSC_2886

    He was pretty excited about the big guns.

    abatfishDSC_2909 abatfishDSC_2910 abatfishDSC_2915 abatfishDSC_2927 abatfishDSC_2936 abatfishDSC_2938 abatfishDSC_2957 abatfishDSC_2960 abatfishDSC_2985 abatfishDSC_2994 abatfishDSC_2999 abatfishDSC_3000 abatfishDSC_3006 abatfishDSC_3011 abatfishDSC_3012 abatfishDSC_3018 abatfishDSC_3025 abatfishDSC_3030

    All the volunteers our so great with kids!

    abatfishDSC_3036 abatfishDSC_3045 abatfishDSC_3047 abatfishDSC_3074 abatfishDSC_3078 abatfishDSC_3083 abatfishDSC_3087 abatfishDSC_3098

    Little bit did not appreciate the engine room sounds they had going.


    abatfishDSC_3099 abatfishDSC_3117 abatfishDSC_3121 abatfishDSC_3131 abatfishDSC_3139 abatfishDSC_3141 abatfishDSC_3147 abatfishDSC_3150 abatfishDSC_3164 abatfishDSC_3177 abatfishDSC_3191 abatfishDSC_3201

    One happy birthday boy.

    abatfishDSC_3209 abatfishDSC_3212 abatfishDSC_3220 abatfishDSC_3223

    Sand Springs Herbal Affair & Festival ~Sand Springs, Ok

    Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

    We went to the Sand Springs Herbal Affair and Festival this morning!

    We did not stay very long but it was a nice start to our Saturday.



    aherbfestDSC_4789 aherbfestDSC_4790 aherbfestDSC_4796 aherbfestDSC_4799 aherbfestDSC_4807

    arainDSC_4802 aherbfestDSC_4808

    These soaps smelled so good!

    And so did the spices, and the herbs, and the food…

    I wanted it all pretty much.

    aherbfestDSC_4809 aherbfestDSC_4811 aherbfestDSC_4812 aherbfestDSC_4814 aherbfestDSC_4819 aherbfestDSC_4821

    No clue who these people were that dressed up as a King and Queen but the kids got a kick out of it.

    aherbfestDSC_4825 aherbfestDSC_4829

    Wore the wrong shoes…

    aherbfestDSC_4830 aherbfestDSC_4835

    They all really liked the shuttle ride from the parking lot to the festival!


    It was very chilly which was funny since last week we went to the Herb Festival in Jenks and it was hot!