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    Labor Day Vacation 2017 ~ Day 2~ Witchita Mountains Wildlife Refuge and camper Tour

    Thursday, September 7th, 2017

    We made it to our campsite and they still had three spots left!!!!


    I chose the one most secluded and it was beautiful.

    We dropped the trailer, paid, and went to see some of the refuge.


    The Prairie Dog Town was a favorite of the kids.


    They would get so close!

    awildlifeDSC_4706 awildlifeDSC_4718 awildlifeDSC_4738 awildlifeDSC_4762

    How they felt about my kids…

    awildlifeDSC_4766 awildlifeDSC_4786 awildlifeDSC_4788

    Our first hike we went for was really easy since we had our dog with us and she is getting old.

    awildlifeDSC_4795 awildlifeDSC_4811

    We saw a lot of wildlife at our campground!

    awildlifeDSC_4824 awildlifeDSC_4841

    The visitor center has a beautiful museum.

    awildlifeDSC_4844 awildlifeDSC_4850

    This next pic shows why museums start to wear me out quickly though…


    Too much energy to be inside for long.

    awildlifeDSC_4856 awildlifeDSC_4866 awildlifeDSC_4880

    On top of Mt. Scott.

    awildlifeDSC_4883 awildlifeDSC_4887 awildlifeDSC_4892 awildlifeDSC_4896 awildlifeDSC_4899

    Most of my kids loved jumping from rock to rock!

    awildlifeDSC_4907 awildlifeDSC_4910

    Such incredible views!

    awildlifeDSC_4916 awildlifeDSC_4921 awildlifeDSC_4926

    These two goofs love mountains.

    awildlifeDSC_4934 awildlifeDSC_4939 awildlifeDSC_4943 awildlifeDSC_4964 awildlifeDSC_4978 awildlifeDSC_4989

    Boulder jumping.

    awildlifeDSC_4991 awildlifeDSC_4997 awildlifeDSC_5001 awildlifeDSC_5006 awildlifeDSC_5010 awildlifeDSC_5020

    Sunset’s were my favorite.

    awildlifeDSC_5039 awildlifeDSC_5041 awildlifeDSC_5043 awildlifeDSC_5045 awildlifeDSC_5050 awildlifeDSC_5052 awildlifeDSC_5060 awildlifeDSC_5064 awildlifeDSC_5066 awildlifeDSC_5070 awildlifeDSC_5078 awildlifeDSC_5080

    The camper made bedtime so much easier!

    awildlifeDSC_5083 awildlifeDSC_5095

    The boys slept in the two high bunks and little bit slept in the low bunk.


    The twins slept closer to our room, on the couch, and fold down table.

    awildlifeDSC_5097 awildlifeDSC_5101

    We only had eclectic so we did not really use the bathroom for much but little bit fits really well 😉

    awildlifeDSC_5102 awildlifeDSC_5104

    I really like that there is less room in our room so that we have enough beds out in the other spaces.

    awildlifeDSC_5105 awildlifeDSC_5109

    The next day brought more great views, amazing places, and some obstacles to overcome…

    Labor Day Vacation 2017 ~ Day 1 ~ Arcadia Lake

    Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

    The first stop of our 4 night camping trip was Arcadia Lake in OKC.

    We knew it would be busy so we hoped getting there on a Thursday would help.

    We snagged the last spot with electric because I called earlier in the day and prepaid!

    They filled up fast!

    Which of course made me really nervous about finding a spot in our final destination, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

    All the camping spots we stayed in were first come first serve, no reservations.


    Our first spot was right next to the playground.

    It was a pretty place but really close to a big city and the sites are close.

    I was glad we were not staying more than one night.


    They thought the pictures of their beads sticking out were funny and kept wanting to do it.


    I found these boots because of  youtuber’s that travels fulltime in an airstream with their daughter.

    They a really sturdy and easy to clean!

    aokcDSC_4599 aokcDSC_4603 aokcDSC_4605

    This was our first time using the camper!

    We wanted something that made camping in the Oklahoma heat easier, fits all our kids, but was not huge.

    It worked out great for us!

    aokcDSC_4613 aokcDSC_4623

    Beautiful view early the next morning before we left to head south.


    My cute tag along.


    She decided she wanted to go back with the others and started slowly walking back to the campsite to see if I would follow.

    3yr olds are a riot.


    We mostly just slept in the trailer.

    Eating and playing outside.

    That helped keep everyone(mostly me) sane(ish).


    I was so stressed leaving this site!

    I had no clue if we would be able to find a place to stay that night!

    I am so glad we took the chance though!

    A weekend at the Lake and a 25K.

    Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

    It all started with a race my husband did last month.

    It is called the Snake Run and my oldest said he did not want to run it this year.

    It is a 3hr race that you try to get as many miles as you can in that time.

    As soon as the race was getting ready to start my son changed his mind of course and wanted to run.

    Too late.

    We told him he could run the Lake McMurtry Trail Run if he wanted to though.

    This was going to be a bit different though since Nick was running the 25K.


    He still said he wanted to do it so we headed over to Lake McMurtry on friday night to camp the night before the race.


    At first I thought camping was a bad idea.

    We were only camping one night and that is a lot of work for that short of time.


    But if we had not camped, I would have missed this sunset on the lake.



    This sunset was worth all of the packing, prep, and dealing with wasps in the camper.







    Saturday morning dawned bright(maybe not so bright) and early with the Early 50K start at 7am.


    Then came the regular 50K start.


    25K start!


    They are off!


    Half way!


    My youngest and Maddie hanging out during the race.


    Final steps!


    They did it!


    Getting their medals for finishing.




    Before and after!

    I asked my son if it was long and he said, “yes, and tiring.”

    I also asked if he would like to do it again and he promptly told me “no” but a few minutes later said “maybe”.


    I probably would have said no after running all of those miles as well!

    This is a great event!

    The volunteers and workers do such an amazing job putting on these runs.

    Thank you for making trail running exciting for my eight year old!

    For more information on the actual run check out Ken’s blog, here.