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    Spending the weekend with Pumpkins and Arrows

    Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

    On our way to a pumpkin patch we stumbled upon a small Medieval Faire!

    pumpkindsc_3081pumpkindsc_3082pumpkindsc_3086 pumpkindsc_3088 pumpkindsc_3097 pumpkindsc_3120 pumpkindsc_3123 pumpkindsc_3122 pumpkindsc_3125

    After we checked it out for a little bit, we headed to the pumpkin patch.

    pumpkindsc_3133 pumpkindsc_3132 pumpkindsc_3138 pumpkindsc_3140 pumpkindsc_3147 pumpkindsc_3150 pumpkindsc_3156 pumpkindsc_3157 pumpkindsc_3214 pumpkindsc_3229 pumpkindsc_3239 pumpkindsc_3246 pumpkindsc_3255 pumpkindsc_3256 pumpkindsc_3259 pumpkindsc_3263 pumpkindsc_3291 pumpkindsc_3292 pumpkindsc_3298 pumpkindsc_3311 pumpkindsc_3318 pumpkindsc_3378 pumpkindsc_3379 pumpkindsc_3382 pumpkindsc_3434We go to the pumpkin patch for the animals!

    My kids love petting and feeding them all!

    They even had a porcupine this year!

    They had to have a sign warning that the porcupine bites.

    Who tries to pet a porcupine?

    People are odd.

    Easter *updated with pics of all my kids

    Friday, April 1st, 2016

    We have never really done much for Easter.

    This year I was thinking about doing several things but was prepared for none of them.

    I forgot to get everyone new clothes so I was scrambling around Sunday morning to find nice things for everyone to wear.

    I felt like it was a miracle we all got ready in time for church.

    Then we stepped outside and saw all the windows down on the vehicle, in the rain…

    I was ready to call it quits but my husband told the boys to get towels.

    I was thinking “WE ARE STILL GOING?”


    We made it but I realized I had nothing special for Easter meal.

    I had thought about it but never actually bought it…

    We decided to go on the trip to the Salt Plains Wildlife Refuge while driving home from church.

    It is 2.5hrs one way to get there.

    I was so happy though.

    Definitely more my speed than fancy meals and themed activities.


    asaltdsc_9500 asaltdsc_9503 asaltdsc_9508 asaltdsc_9511

    asaltdsc_9568 asaltdsc_9570 asaltdsc_9573 asaltdsc_9576

    asaltDSC_9565 asaltDSC_9566

    2.5hrs for snow?


    asaltDSC_9577 asaltDSC_9590 asaltDSC_9591 asaltDSC_9593 asaltDSC_9595 asaltDSC_9601

    Someone just read the Chronicles of Narnia and was taken with the Dawn Treader.

    asaltdsc_9562 asaltdsc_9582

    asaltdsc_9557 asaltdsc_9551

    asaltdsc_9521 asaltdsc_9539 asaltdsc_9526 asaltdsc_9533 asaltdsc_9532 asaltdsc_9710 asaltdsc_9720

    asaltDSC_9648 asaltDSC_9656 asaltDSC_9706 asaltDSC_9716 asaltDSC_9730 asaltDSC_9724 asaltDSC_9747 asaltDSC_9753

    asaltdsc_9791 asaltdsc_9798 asaltdsc_9845 asaltdsc_9851 asaltdsc_9854

    asaltDSC_9760asaltDSC_9772 asaltDSC_9780 asaltDSC_9958

    asaltdsc_9947 asaltdsc_0022 asaltdsc_0105 asaltdsc_0043 asaltdsc_0118

    asaltDSC_9993 asaltDSC_9996 asaltDSC_9998 asaltDSC_0001 asaltDSC_0003 asaltDSC_0051 asaltDSC_0057 asaltDSC_0085 asaltDSC_0099 asalt9914 asaltDSC_0126 asaltDSC_0134

    Instead of Easter eggs they searched for bones.

    My kind of Easter!

     *I updated this post with pictures of our girls also after adoption.

    I was not able to share them at the time since we had not finalized the adoption.

    Zoo with family and a baby kangaroo.

    Monday, December 28th, 2015

    azooDSC_3641 azooDSC_3675 azooDSC_3684 azooDSC_3700 azooDSC_3709 azooDSC_3711 azooDSC_3714 azooDSC_3715 azooDSC_3719 azooDSC_3723 azooDSC_3756 azooDSC_3758 azooDSC_3772_01bw azooDSC_3776 azooDSC_3782 azooDSC_3803 azooDSC_3833

    With a total of 9 kids together all day we made sure we were going and doing things a lot while my in-laws visited over Christmas.

    The zoo was a nice easy way to get energy out while seeing cool animals.

    The little Joey was pretty adorable.

    What do you like to do when you have a lot of kids to entertain?