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  • SMILE!

    The light was so beautiful at my house last night that I knew I wanted to TRY to get some pictures of my two little men.

    All I had to do was put them in a spot with beautiful light and tell them to smile, right?


    To get this picture I did a little more then that.

    First I put them in a wagon so it would seem more fun (and it was harder to escape).

    That still only got me this.

    Two cute uninterested boys in a wagon.

    Then I changed up my tactics.

    Make a funny face!

    I was doing it also or they would not have been looking at me.

    They found it funny but I was wanting some nice smiles directed at the camera.

    They have also seen my funny face too many times to think it is funny for long.

    Time to change again.

    I focused on them kept my shot steady, peeked out from behind the camera and said in a really deep voice, “frown, no smiling allowed”.

    I said it OVER and OVER and OVER…

    Which led to the above and below pic.

    With little boys you have to be ready because you might only get the shot you want once. So I was snapping and snapping.

    To get these two shots I took close to 60 pictures.

    And I consider that a pretty good ratio when it comes to my boys.

    So get your camera, something to contain (trap) your subjects, and get your silly on!

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    2 Responses to “SMILE!”

    1. Wani says:

      Adorable! I’m glad I’m not the only one that when it comes to their kids only gets about two really good shots out of 60 sometimes! 😉

    2. Stephanie says:

      Thanks for the tips and the chuckles

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