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    Our Homeschool Day ~2018

    Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

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    My boys start school while my girls are eating and doing chores (the boys get up earlier and do some chores before breakfast and some after school).

    That way I can help them more with their math and go over their grammar without too many distractions (in theory).

    I was having too many kids asking for help with different things at once.

    This staggers the questions a bit.


    We are trying out the Brave Writer program so I was giving my second oldest dictation here.

    And trying to keep my 3yr old from kicking the stack of papers off my desk…

    The boys have to get Math done before anything else and then need to do Writing, Grammar, and Spelling before moving on to other subjects.

    Otherwise, they put off the harder subjects and just read all day.

    After chores, the girls start on their school.

    Usually, they do their math first and if I am busy they will do their handwriting.

    I do a lesson with one of the twins on one day and practice with the other that same day.

    The next day we switch.

    Practice includes a math card game, review of previous days lesson, math game, and a practice sheet.

    I only work with one of the twins at a time even though they are in the same grade.

    They just do best when they are separate.

    I try to get the twins math done before lunch.

    They think better in the mornings.

    We eat lunch pretty early (11 am) and take turns eating.

    Right after lunch is Read-aloud time and then quiet time.

    This is when I read the girls their history and science.

    All the kids listen while I read our current read-aloud book though, Little House on the Prairie (I forgot to get a picture).

    After quiet time we usually go for a walk.

    It helps to get all the wiggles out so they can finish up the rest of their school.

    My oldest needed me to give him spelling words.

    I feel like a lot of my day is trying to give things to my 3-year-old to keep her entertained.

    She usually lasts 5 minutes on something she really likes…

    We were not able to get all the math done in the morning so I worked on that right away with my twins.

    I always wonder if my kids will even need to read an analog clock when they grow up.


    Her faces while playing the math card game…


    The boys do their independent work the rest of the day.

    History, Science, Reading, Khan Math, Typing, and Programming.

    The twins schedule is:


    Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Handwriting.


    Math, Reading, Spelling, Grammar, and Handwriting.

    I try to do something with my 3yr old a couple of times a week but try to encourage her to play more than anything.

    My boys’ schedule:

    Math, Grammar, Spelling, Writing.

    History(except Wed and Fri), Science, Reading, Typing (twice a week), Programming (twice a week).

    Project (once a week), 10min Khan Math, and Geography (not daily).


    I took video also on this day!

    So here is the video I made on the same day.

    Will Rogers Memorial Museum ~Claremore, OK

    Monday, February 19th, 2018

    I really like learning about Will Rogers.

    He had so many qualities to admire.

    I am glad he is part of Oklahoma’s history.

    Doing a scavenger hunt.

    My kids had fun learning more about Will Rogers and pretending to be him in the kid’s area!

    We got a great deal on Groupon!

    Make sure you check for deals before you go!

    Tulsa Air and Space Museum (TASM) ~Tulsa, OK

    Friday, February 16th, 2018


    We ended up buying a membership to the Tulsa Air and Space Museum because memberships usually make more sense than paying what it costs for our large family to go once.

    I am glad we did because part of the museum was not open.

    It would have been really annoying if we did not have the option to come back anyway because it is a really small museum so part of it being closed is a bigger deal than if it was a larger one.

    That being said, the staff in the museum were amazing.

    They had so much knowledge and shared it over and over with my kids!


    They would just finish explaining something to one set of my kids and then turn around and do the same with next set.

    Sometimes doing the same thing three times.

    And he treated even my littlest like they could do it.

    Although it is a small museum there are several hands-on things to do.

    He helped them to “land” this hot air balloon.

    You stand inside a hot air balloon basket and have to pull the ropes at the right time to land on a bullseye.

    There is a small kids area upstairs.

    This is the look she gets every time I take too many pics of her.

    They have a really nice planetarium also and the show was pretty good.

    They ended up adding some stuff to the show and it got a bit long for some of mine.

    I also get motion sick from those shows.


    I am excited about going back when we are studying about the Space Race next month!

    I am actually happy we went before we started our study as well.

    I have found that if you introduce a subject in a fun way before you study it, kids have an easier time learning about it.

    How do you get your kids interested in subjects?