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  • Archive: October, 2017

    Leonardo’s Children Museum ~Enid, OK

    Friday, October 20th, 2017


    This is another great museum on the Oklahoma Museum Network.


    It has a giant playground outside.


    They have also expanded since the last time we went!

    amusDSC_8365 amusDSC_8366 amusDSC_8369 amusDSC_8372 amusDSC_8376 amusDSC_8381 amusDSC_8388

    They had a workshop area to take apart electronics and build things!


    Little Bit was not happy about taking apart a toy instead of playing with it.

    The boys really liked it though!

    amusDSC_8399 amusDSC_8401 amusDSC_8405 amusDSC_8411 amusDSC_8420 amusDSC_8425 amusDSC_8428

    I let Nick supervise the sharp objects…

    amusDSC_8445 amusDSC_8451 amusDSC_8456 amusDSC_8457 amusDSC_8458 amusDSC_8463 amusDSC_8468 amusDSC_8470 amusDSC_8472

    So many interesting exhibits that we have never seen before!

    amusDSC_8481 amusDSC_8487 amusDSC_8504 amusDSC_8505 amusDSC_8507 amusDSC_8509 amusDSC_8519 amusDSC_8530 amusDSC_8531 amusDSC_8536 amusDSC_8539 amusDSC_8542 amusDSC_8546 amusDSC_8553 amusDSC_8567 amusDSC_8570 amusDSC_8574

    This place was amazing!

    Check out Leonardo’s if you are ever in the Enid area!

    Little House on the Prairie Museum ~Independence, KS

    Wednesday, October 18th, 2017


    We stopped at the Little House on the Prairie Museum on our way up to see family in Minnesota.


    Laura Ingalls Wilder lived here with her parents when she was a child and it inspired the series of books she later wrote.

    alittleDSC_8705 alittleDSC_8710 alittleDSC_8711

    They have an old post office and school that they moved to the location as well.

    alittleDSC_8712 alittleDSC_8724 alittleDSC_8727 alittleDSC_8728 alittleDSC_8732 alittleDSC_8734 alittleDSC_8735 alittleDSC_8736

    It was really neat to see the cabin that is a replica of the one she lived in.


    I am hoping that seeing the spot that inspired the books would help them come to life so I bought these two while there!


    I found it really interesting that in the books they journey from Minnesota to Kansas and we were heading to Minnesota as well!

    Cute little fakers

    Sunday, October 15th, 2017


    These two decided to pretend to sleep on the hammock.


    It was a pretty cute game.

    alittleDSC_8674 alittleDSC_8676 alittleDSC_8679 alittleDSC_8680 alittleDSC_8681 alittleDSC_8682 alittleDSC_8683 alittleDSC_8684

    Little bit had a hard time keeping a straight face for long.

    alittleDSC_8686 alittleDSC_8688 alittleDSC_8689 alittleDSC_8694 alittleDSC_8695 alittleDSC_8696 alittleDSC_8697 alittleDSC_8698


    What was funny about them pretending to nap?

    They both almost fell asleep…


    We should play this game at nap time.