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  • Archive: August, 2017

    Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum ~Seminole, OK

    Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

    It had been a while for some of my kids since we last came to the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum and some had never been.


    It is like a children’s village inside a building.

    Complete with a plane cockpit sticking out of a wall…

    aajasDSC_3716 aajasDSC_3748 aajasDSC_3767

    They can pretend to be teachers.








    Apparently crooked butchers…

    aajasDSC_3862 aajasDSC_3881



    Around each corner is a different way to play and pretend.


    Like an Ambulance sticking out of a wall.

    aajasDSC_3896 aajasDSC_3918 aajasDSC_3936 aajasDSC_3972 aajasDSC_4014 aajasDSC_4069

    We get the OMN membership added onto our Tulsa Children’s Museum membership so we can get 5 people in this museum using that.

    Every time we go I forget how big it is…

    Why do kids bounce back so quickly?

    Why can’t they be worn out all day like adults after going to places like this?

    Solar Eclipse

    Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017


    We did a few last minute projects yesterday on the solar eclipse.


    The chalk drawings can be found, here.


    The models of the moon’s orbit are, here.


    I did not buy glasses so we watched the shadows change into cresents.


    The four oldest did look once with their dad’s welding mask.

    asolarDSC_4101 asolarDSC_4127

    It was nice to hang out in the middle of the day and it feel the temperature drop like it was evening.

    asolarDSC_4130 asolarDSC_4132

    The shadows were so pretty!

    asolarDSC_4134 asolarDSC_4140 asolarDSC_4146 asolarDSC_4150 asolarDSC_4153 asolarDSC_4156 asolarDSC_4158 asolarDSC_4161 asolarDSC_4162 asolarDSC_4166asolarDSC_4124_01

    Window seat

    Thursday, August 17th, 2017

    aserDSC_3515 aserDSC_3517 aserDSC_3519bw aserDSC_3521bw aserDSC_3526bw aserDSC_3528bw aserDSC_3559

    The punch line in the book got her.


    aserDSC_3564 aserDSC_3565 aserDSC_3572 aserDSC_3578 aserDSC_3606

    I propped the camera up on the dresser.

    aserDSC_3609bw aserDSC_3612bw aserDSC_3613bw aserDSC_3618bw