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  • Archive: May, 2017

    Shawnee Nation Forest ~Southern Illinois

    Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

    ashawneeDSC_7327 ashawneeDSC_7331 ashawneeDSC_7342

    The Rim Rock Trail in the Shawnee National Forest was nice and easy with some pretty views.

    ashawneeDSC_7348 ashawneeDSC_7368 ashawneeDSC_7378 ashawneeDSC_7383 ashawneeDSC_7410

    We also saw a snake climbing a tree!

    But the winner of Shawnee National Forest for us was definitely the Garden of the Gods Trail!

    ashawneeDSC_7429 ashawneeDSC_7442

    It had an easy walking path, beautiful views, amazing light because of it being late in the day and…

    ashawneeDSC_7444 ashawneeDSC_7446 ashawneeDSC_7450


    ashawneeDSC_7452_01 ashawneeDSC_7454

    My kids loved climbing on all the rocks.

    ashawneeDSC_7467 ashawneeDSC_7469 ashawneeDSC_7470 ashawneeDSC_7475 ashawneeDSC_7483 ashawneeDSC_7487

    He takes his photo bombing seriously…

    ashawneeDSC_7489 ashawneeDSC_7490 ashawneeDSC_7500 ashawneeDSC_7513_01

    Even little bit loves to climb.

    ashawneeDSC_7516 ashawneeDSC_7521 ashawneeDSC_7523 ashawneeDSC_7530 ashawneeDSC_7533_01 ashawneeDSC_7552 ashawneeDSC_7559 ashawneeDSC_7576

    My kids were like “Path? What path?”

    ashawneeDSC_7577 ashawneeDSC_7585 ashawneeDSC_7629 ashawneeDSC_7633 ashawneeDSC_7638

    We just had to keep an eye on what was on the other side of their climbs.

    Thankfully there were plenty of rocks nowhere near the edge.

    ashawneeDSC_7644 ashawneeDSC_7648 ashawneeDSC_7671

    This was a huge hit!

    So glad we found this beautiful hike!

    Lincoln Boyhood Home National Memorial ~Lincoln City, IN

    Saturday, May 27th, 2017

    This place managed to get my twins more interested in learning about Abraham Lincoln!

    I would say it was a win just for that but it was really interesting also.

    aboyhoodDSC_7139 aboyhoodDSC_7141 aboyhoodDSC_7143 aboyhoodDSC_7147

    When you marry a woodworker, you get a lot of pictures of furniture…

    aboyhoodDSC_7150 aboyhoodDSC_7169 aboyhoodDSC_7170


    aboyhoodDSC_7171 aboyhoodDSC_7174

    Another picture of a possible project.

    aboyhoodDSC_7175 aboyhoodDSC_7179 aboyhoodDSC_7185 aboyhoodDSC_7194 aboyhoodDSC_7200 aboyhoodDSC_7205

    Where Lincoln’s boyhood cabin stood.


    The girls will ask questions all day…

    aboyhoodDSC_7210 aboyhoodDSC_7213 aboyhoodDSC_7214

    Beautiful homestead they have set up.

    aboyhoodDSC_7216 aboyhoodDSC_7221 aboyhoodDSC_7232

    aboyhoodDSC_7237 aboyhoodDSC_7240 aboyhoodDSC_7241 aboyhoodDSC_7259 aboyhoodDSC_7262 aboyhoodDSC_7265

    This man was so nice and helpful!

    He answered all of my kiddos questions and believe me there were A LOT!

    aboyhoodDSC_7271 aboyhoodDSC_7276 aboyhoodDSC_7281

    Checking out where they would sleep.

    aboyhoodDSC_7283 aboyhoodDSC_7284 aboyhoodDSC_7287 aboyhoodDSC_7290 aboyhoodDSC_7292 aboyhoodDSC_7295 aboyhoodDSC_7297 aboyhoodDSC_7301

    The meat house had a piece of pig hanging in it!

    The girls did not want to be in there…


    aboyhoodDSC_7304 aboyhoodDSC_7313 aboyhoodDSC_7316

    They have actual animals and try to make it look like a working homestead!

    aboyhoodDSC_7318 aboyhoodDSC_7321 aboyhoodDSC_7323

    This was such a fun stop!!!!

    I am glad we changed our drive a bit to include this place.

    Check out more about it at their site, here.

    Next stop

    Shawnee National Forest

    Cataract Falls ~Spencer, IN

    Friday, May 26th, 2017

    We went to the wrong part of Lieber State Recreation Area to start with!

    Which is of course a great way to start a long day of driving…


    We did get to see this turtle, a flooded road, and a pretty path though on our scenic route…


    alieberDSC_6984 alieberDSC_6987 alieberDSC_6989 alieberDSC_6990 alieberDSC_6995 alieberDSC_7001 alieberDSC_7005

    Cataract Falls is actually over 30mins south of the main recreation area.

    I have been there before, oops…


    There is a fee for getting into the Recreation Area.

    It is around $5 though per car.

    So not bad.

    alieberDSC_7027 alieberDSC_7032 alieberDSC_7042 alieberDSC_7046 alieberDSC_7047 alieberDSC_7053 alieberDSC_7061 alieberDSC_7075 alieberDSC_7080 alieberDSC_7093 alieberDSC_7105 alieberDSC_7106

    We are learning about bridges soon so I found the different way this one was built interesting.

    alieberDSC_7120 alieberDSC_7124 alieberDSC_7127 alieberDSC_7132 alieberDSC_7135

    The lower falls was flooded so we ended up only seeing the upper falls this time but it was impressive!

    Beautiful place!