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I am a wife, homeschool mom, a hiker, and a photographer living in Oklahoma. I love beautiful light and being in the woods. I share what I love on this blog, be they trails, pictures, or homschooling curriculum. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Archive: March, 2017

    Redbuds and flower picking

    Friday, March 31st, 2017

    aflowers1998 akidsDSC_1535

    Always trying to sneak into siblings pics…


    akidsDSC_1541 akidsDSC_1542 akidsDSC_1545 akidsDSC_1557

    That nose crinkle…

    akidsDSC_1561 akidsDSC_1564 akidsDSC_1573

    This redbud tree is so pretty in the spring.

    akidsDSC_1577 akidsDSC_1580

    That serious face.

    akidsDSC_1589 akidsDSC_1591 akidsDSC_1598 akidsDSC_1607

    This moment.

    akidsDSC_1611 akidsDSC_1616 akidsDSC_1620 akidsDSC_1949 akidsDSC_1953 akidsDSC_1962 akidsDSC_1964 akidsDSC_1971 akidsDSC_1976 akidsDSC_1984 akidsDSC_1988 akidsDSC_1989 akidsDSC_1994 akidsDSC_1998 akidsDSC_2002 akidsDSC_2009 akidsDSC_2022 akidsDSC_2026

    The flowers they picked for me 🙂

    akidsDSC_2035 akidsDSC_2046 akidsDSC_2048 akidsDSC_2058

    I want to remember little ones picking me flowers in beautiful light.

    Wagon rides are what brothers are for…

    Thursday, March 30th, 2017


    This picture sums up my second oldest.

    He is always stepping and walking on things that were not meant to be stepped on, working, thinking, preferably alone.

    awagonDSC_1676 awagonDSC_1685 awagonDSC_1695

    They have been watching a lot of a show called “Goldie and Bear” little bit was pretending to be little red riding hood and her big sister was Grandma.

    So she kept running up to her sister, yelling “Grandma!” and hugging her.


    They tried to make a see saw out of a board but decided it was not very much fun.


    They went off in search of something more amusing.


    No clue what little bit was doing here…

    She was obviously not mad though since this pic was taken right after.


    Big brother was getting tired of hauling little sisters up hills.



    Their colorful hair is so much fun.


    Pretty sure she was yelling “faster.”


    All my kiddos in one frame always makes me smile.

    Favorites from August 2016 ~Adoption

    Sunday, March 19th, 2017

    akidsDSC_7536 akidsDSC_7555 akidsDSC_7559 akidsDSC_7598 aschoolDSC_7647

    Homeschooling 5 was and still is interesting.

    I liken it to juggling.

    aschoolDSC_7697 aschoolDSC_7707 aschoolDSC_7712

    Summer in OK means water play.

    All day.

    So hot.

    aschoolDSC_7722 aschoolDSC_7730 aschoolDSC_7746 aschoolDSC_7755 aschoolDSC_7761 aschoolDSC_7784 aschoolDSC_7791 aschoolDSC_7795 aschoolDSC_7831 aschoolDSC_7872 aschoolDSC_7891 aschoolDSC_7893 aschoolDSC_7897 aschoolDSC_7907 aslipDSC_2847 aslipDSC_2852 aslipDSC_2890 aslipDSC_2900 aslipDSC_2909 aslipDSC_2940 aslipDSC_2976 aslipDSC_2983

    Someone got something in their mouth that did not belong.

    aslipDSC_3014 aslipDSC_3027 aslipDSC_3101 aslipDSC_3122 aslipDSC_3125 aslipDSC_3133

    Of course the slip n slide was not wet enough and they needed to splash each other as they went through.

    aslipDSC_3142 aslipDSC_3161 aslipDSC_3219 aslipDSC_3241 aslipDSC_3250

    Summer evenings and water play almost make me happy summer is almost here.