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    Indiana Trip August 2016

    Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

    I was trying to pick favorites for August of last year when I realized I had too many from our trip to see family.

    So I decided to share them in a separate post instead.

    This was the first time the girls met some family members.


    At my parents house.

    aindDSC_3359 aindDSC_3363 aindDSC_3374

    On a walk on the Vandalia Trail.

    aindDSC_3383 aindDSC_3393 aindDSC_3397 aindDSC_3405 aindDSC_3427 aindDSC_3434

    It’s always nice when your walk leads you to treats.

    aindDSC_3438 aindDSC_3448

    The boys were at church with my parents.

    It is an hour away and the girls would have had to get up early and deal with a lot of new people at a new place so we decided to not go.

    The walk was good for them.

    aindDSC_3449 aindDSC_3455 aindDSC_3473

    We visited the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.


    We also went to the state fair while there!


    And celebrated this boys birthday.

    aindDSC_3512 aindDSC_3541

    With Aunt Dee


    Three cool girls on a walk.



    a20160807_145753(0) aindDSC_3316

    Lots of swimming!

    a20160809_184302 a20160809_182430(0) a20160809_182731(0) a20160807_152100_001 aindDSC_3565

    Helping Grandpa

    aindDSC_3575 aindDSC_3595 aindDSC_3604 aindDSC_3605 aindDSC_3613 aindDSC_3619 aindDSC_3699 aindDSC_3710 aindDSC_3719

    Being held by Aunt Elisabeth

    aindDSC_3731 aindDSC_3774

    I was going to put the pics from Nick’s parents in the same post but there were too many pics!!!

    I will share those tomorrow.

    Our Study of Birds and Audubon ~Homeschool

    Friday, February 24th, 2017

    I am still working on how to tie lessons together for the girls and boys.

    The boys do 5th grade work and the girls are in 1st grade but need a very simplified version.

    So it has not been until recently that I have really been trying to include them in the history or science that the boys are studying.


    Birds seemed like a perfect subject for them all to learn though.

    For one of the boys studies the past couple weeks they were learning about John Audubon and birds.

     I give the girls a science shelf for their independent learning and made it all about birds.

    Here are some of the things I included:

    Bird Bingo(one of my favorite educational games)

    Bird Guides like Birds of Oklahoma

    The Magic School Bus Flies the Nest

    Backyard Birds Toob (I had them try to find the matching bird on the Backyard Birds of North America guide)

    Bird Flash Cards


    Owl Puke the Book

    We also finally refilled our bird feeder and would identify the birds that came.


    I got a pbs documentary on Audubon called John James Audubon: Drawn from Nature from the library and was having the kids all watch in the vehicle.

    I had no clue that Audubon killed the birds he drew!

    He posed them by sticking wires through them!

    I asked my oldest if they were showing that and he said “yep.”

    My kids eyes were huge.


    We did not finish the documentary.


    My youngest boy(9) loves learning about animals and is like a walking encyclopedia about them so he really liked reading about birds for school.

    He also told me that Audubon met Daniel Boone!

    I love it when our studies intersect like that.

    Just another benefit of learning History, Science, and Literature via timeline.

    Audubon: Painter of Birds in the Wild Frontier was such a pretty looking picture book.

    I don’t get to read many of these books anymore since my boys are independent readers.

    We also got John Audubon Young Naturalist but I forgot to take a picture of it.


    Bird Watching


    I really liked tying their studies together!

    Now I just need to figure out how to make the science shelf fun and interesting for the next study.


    I have a feeling it will not be as pretty as birds.

    Favorites from July 2016 ~Adoption

    Monday, February 20th, 2017

    afireworksDSC_0656 afireworksDSC_0676 afireworksDSC_0710

    After seeing a neighbourhood parade, they wanted to do one.

    afireworksDSC_0717 afireworksDSC_0732 afireworksDSC_0754 afireworksDSC_0762 afireworksDSC_0779 afireworksDSC_0784 afireworksDSC_0790 afireworksDSC_0820bw aDSC_2180 aoxleyDSC_2025 aoxleyDSC_2043 aoxleyDSC_2148 abearDSC_0539 abearDSC_0543 abearDSC_0566 abearDSC_0598 abearDSC_0603 aswingDSC_1449

    If you are wondering why there are more pics of little bit, partly because she is next to me often, partly because I have already shared pics of her older brothers, and partly because the twins were working on problems they had throughout the day.

    Emotions are hard for children to work through.

    They are getting better at it though.

    They were still in limbo during this time.

    That is a hard place for kids to be.

    aswingDSC_1456 aswingDSC_1458 aslideDSC_2620 aslideDSC_2661 aslideDSC_2670 aslideDSC_2677

    After a rough day Nick told me to take this half pint and go.

    Even a sassy toddler can be a nice break sometimes 😉

    aslideDSC_2696 aslideDSC_2698 aslideDSC_2722 aslideDSC_2743 aslideDSC_2780 aslideDSC_2783 aslideDSC_2801