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  • Archive: January, 2017

    Favorites from May 2016 ~ Adoption

    Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

    I had too many favorites this month so you get A LOT of pics!

    ablancaDSC_4055 ablancaDSC_4063 ablancaDSC_4072 abubblesDSC_1307 abubblesDSC_1310 abubblesDSC_1312 abubblesDSC_1322 abubblesDSC_1344 abubblesDSC_1476 abubblesDSC_1524 abubblesDSC_1600 abubblesDSC_1629

    Helping her feed squirrels.

    abubblesDSC_1630 abubblesDSC_1758 abubblesDSC_1767 abubblesDSC_1775 abubblesDSC_1818 abubblesDSC_1834 abubblesDSC_1840 abubblesDSC_1844 abubblesDSC_1856


    abubblesDSC_1861 abubblesDSC_1873 abubblesDSC_1893 afireworksDSC_6745 aberriesDSC_5233 aberriesDSC_5562 afluffDSC_5009 afluffDSC_5023 afluffDSC_5064 afluffDSC_5081 afluffDSC_5086 afluffDSC_5133 afluffDSC_5167 afluffDSC_5174 afluffDSC_5183

    Big brothers are great at helping you get messy.

    afluffDSC_5205 afluffDSC_5227 afluffDSC_5233 afluffDSC_5319 afluffDSC_5391

    Those smiles.

    afluffDSC_5392 afluffDSC_5397 afluffDSC_5490 afluffDSC_5496 afluffDSC_5509 afluffDSC_5532 afluffDSC_5539bw afluffDSC_5544

    Holding bugs is good “gentle and kind” practice.

    He is so good at helping them.

    afluffDSC_5568 afluffDSC_5574 afluffDSC_5595 afluffDSC_5658 afluffDSC_5690 afluffDSC_5714 afluffDSC_5742 afluffDSC_5751

    Adventurous one.

    afluffDSC_5756 afluffDSC_5766 afluffDSC_5828bw afluffDSC_5850bw afluffDSC_5968 abdayDSC_2082 abdayDSC_2083 abdayDSC_2127

    Little bit celebrated her 2nd bday in May.


    This cracked me up.

    Babies wearing babies.

    She looked like a tired mother.


    ababyDSC_4158 ababyDSC_4182

    My awesome 9yr old!

    Friday, January 27th, 2017

    acadenDSC_8641 acadenDSC_8642 acadenDSC_8643 acadenDSC_8644 acadenDSC_8645

    This is what happens when you ask him for a picture…

    He is a goofy, fun loving, thinker, talker, and builder.

    If you ask him what he wants to be he says he has not made up his mind yet because there are too many he wants.

    He loves playing with his littlest sister and can play games in his head all day.

    Love this kid, he makes life more fun.

    His birthday was several days ago but I took this long getting a post together!

    These pics pretty much sum him up.


    Them and me ~Spring 2016

    Thursday, January 26th, 2017

    I was trying to put together another favorites post and came across this series Nick took.

    There were just too many favorites…

    blancaDSC_3445 ablancaDSC_3391 ablancaDSC_3427 ablancaDSC_3443 ablancaDSC_3459 ablancaDSC_3461 ablancaDSC_3476 ablancaDSC_3478 ablancaDSC_3480 ablancaDSC_3481 ablancaDSC_3482 ablancaDSC_3495 ablancaDSC_3501 ablancaDSC_3502 ablancaDSC_3505 ablancaDSC_3514 ablancaDSC_3552 ablancaDSC_3555 ablancaDSC_3558 ablancaDSC_3559 ablancaDSC_3571 ablancaDSC_3572 ablancaDSC_3583 ablancaDSC_3590 ablancaDSC_3593 ablancaDSC_3598 ablancaDSC_3609 ablancaDSC_3613 ablancaDSC_3614 ablancaDSC_3620 ablancaDSC_3629 ablancaDSC_3630 ablancaDSC_3631 ablancaDSC_3638 ablancaDSC_3641 ablancaDSC_3652 ablancaDSC_3695 ablancaDSC_3704 ablancaDSC_3706 ablancaDSC_3722 ablancaDSC_3734 ablancaDSC_3735 ablancaDSC_3736 ablancaDSC_3745Pretty sure I will treasure these forever.