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  • Archive: December, 2016

    Self Portraits in the Snow ~January 2016

    Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

    I did a project last January to get in pictures with all of my kids but could only share the ones I took with my boys.

    Here are some I took with “B” in some beautiful snow we had.

    asnowdsc_5283 asnowdsc_5293 asnowdsc_5300 asnowdsc_5307 asnowdsc_5316 asnowdsc_5323 asnowdsc_5336 asnowdsc_5339 asnowdsc_5340 asnowdsc_5343 asnowdsc_5344 asnowdsc_5345

    In case you are wondering, it is a really bad idea to look at beautiful pictures taken in snow when it is almost Christmas and thunderstorms are in the forecast…

    Here are the previous posts with the boys shots, here and here.

    Fall in the Keystone Ancient Forest with 5 kids

    Wednesday, December 21st, 2016

    akeystonedsc_9358 akeystonedsc_9370

    I took SO MANY pictures!!!

    I think the knowledge that I would be able to share them soon made me go crazy.


    This was the weekend before the adoption and I could not stop smiling about getting to share these pics.

    akeystonedsc_9384 akeystonedsc_9385

    Such a perfect fall day.


    “M” likes to wear a backpack on hikes with a few snacks and water.

    She is in the pink.

    akeystonedsc_9424 akeystonedsc_9426 akeystonedsc_9439 akeystonedsc_9451

    Yes I did take a hundred pics of the girls holding dad’s hand.

    It’s adorable.

    akeystonedsc_9453 akeystonedsc_9462

    Little bit always wants a ride.


    Kicking dirt.

    akeystonedsc_9488 akeystonedsc_9499

    “B’s” adorable face.

    I love her trying to hold back a smile face.


    My family is adorable.

    akeystonedsc_9543 akeystonedsc_9551 akeystonedsc_9566 akeystonedsc_9568

    Someone did not like the crisp fall air.

    akeystonedsc_9570 akeystonedsc_9574

    Always trying to see what big brothers are doing.

    akeystonedsc_9585 akeystonedsc_9603 akeystonedsc_9607 akeystonedsc_9611

    Those pom pom’s!

    So adorable!

    akeystonedsc_9623 akeystonedsc_9624 akeystonedsc_9626 akeystonedsc_9628

    They thought her long arms were pretty funny.

    akeystonedsc_9636 akeystonedsc_9641 akeystonedsc_9643 akeystonedsc_9656 akeystonedsc_9663

    I waited for years for this place to open.

    I am so glad they finally did it!

    It is only open on select Saturday’s though so you need to check their facebook page before you go.

    Favorites from December 2015 ~Adoption

    Monday, December 19th, 2016

    aoutdsc_3318 aoutdsc_3315 akidsdsc_2025 akidsdsc_2023

    This is almost too cute.


    This wagon has gotten so much use!



    They love taking pics with mom 🙂

    akidsdsc_1997 akidsdsc_1987 akidsdsc_1977 akidsdsc_1948 akidsdsc_1940

    I can’t resist little ones in hats.

    I had trouble narrowing these down at all.

    akidsdsc_1917 akidsdsc_1908 akidsdsc_1897 akidsdsc_1891 akidsdsc_1871 akidsdsc_1819

    Zipline helpers.

    akidsdsc_1808 akidsdsc_1779 akidsdsc_1747

    So beautiful.

    akidsdsc_1736 akidsdsc_1728 akidsdsc_1718

    Sisterly help?


    akidsdsc_1717 akidsdsc_1710 akidsdsc_1641

    This one moves the slowest so she gets the most pics.


    akidsdsc_1635 akidsdsc_1549

    Science Museum

    akidsdsc_1467 agirlsdsc_2189

    Big brothers are made for teaching you how to slide on things right?

    agirlsdsc_2171 agirlsdsc_2153

    And bust some moves…

    agirlsdsc_2151 agirlsdsc_2148 agirlsdsc_2124 agirlsdsc_2113 agirlsdsc_2106 agirlsdsc_2088 agirlsdsc_2077 agirlsdsc_2062 agirlsdsc_2049 azoodsc_3922 azoodsc_3892

    Nick’s family drove down to us last Christmas!

    So much fun!

    azoodsc_3839 azoodsc_3823 azoodsc_3738 azoodsc_3734 achristdsc_3974

    Nick was in charge of gift buying last year.

    Can you tell?

    Hot wheels and motorbikes.

    achristdsc_4058 achristdsc_4092

    A lot of people sometimes mean you stay outside as much as possible, even to open gifts.

    achristdsc_4104 achristdsc_4109

    Her holding her babies always gets to me.

    So cute.

    achristdsc_4158 azoodsc_3550-copy

    Cousin help.

    azoodsc_3552 azoodsc_3553 azoodsc_3555 azoodsc_3556-copy azoodsc_3571 azoodsc_3589 azoodsc_3593 azoodsc_3620 azoodsc_3630

    So much cuteness!

    It is so much fun to share last years December pics this December!