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I am a wife, homeschool mom, a hiker, and a photographer living in Oklahoma. I love beautiful light and being in the woods. I share what I love on this blog, be they trails, pictures, or homschooling curriculum. Thanks for stopping by!

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    Favorites from February 2016 ~Adoption

    Friday, December 30th, 2016

    ahairdsc_7869 ahairdsc_7899 abub7197 abub7273 abub7276 adsc_7208 adsc_7286 adsc_7306 adsc_7327 adsc_7332 aaearlydsc_6293 aaearlydsc_6302 aearlydsc_6166 aearlydsc_6211 aearlydsc_6213

    More getting in portraits with my kids.

    araydsc_6317 araydsc_6318 araydsc_6319 araydsc_6323 araydsc_6326 araydsc_6327 araydsc_6341


    araydsc_6352 araydsc_6354 araydsc_6359 araydsc_6362 araydsc_6371 araydsc_6386 araydsc_6407 asmoredsc_6928 asmoredsc_6947 asmoredsc_6956 asmoredsc_6965 adsc_7716 adsc_7722 adsc_7728 adsc_7760 adsc_7773 adsc_7819 agirlsdsc_6543 agirlsdsc_6573 agirlsdsc_6576 agirlsdsc_6587 agirlsdsc_6590 agirlsdsc_6594 agirlsdsc_6596 agirlsdsc_6600 agirlsdsc_6610 agirlsdsc_6616_01 agirlsdsc_6649_01ahairdsc_7853

    Christmas 2016

    Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

    adsc_2627 atreedsc_2577 atreedsc_2615

    Christmas was different this year.

    We stayed home.

    My husband did not take extra days off work.

    We did not take a break from school really.

    achristmasdsc_4087 achristmasdsc_4102 achristmasdsc_4118 achristmasdsc_4156 achristmasdsc_4157 achristmasdsc_4163 achristmasdsc_4258 achristmasdsc_4400 achristmasdsc_4466

    That is okay though.

    Sometimes different is needed.

    Favorites from January 2016 ~Adoption

    Tuesday, December 27th, 2016





    Here are the self portraits I took with Little Bit in January.

    aselfdsc_4551 aselfdsc_4590bw aselfdsc_4674 aselfdsc_4723

    This is about how it usually goes to try to get a pic with several of my kids.

    aselfdsc_4744 adsc_4855 adsc_4842

    At the Zoo.

    asnowdsc_4909_01 asnowdsc_4914 asnowdsc_4945 asnowdsc_4969_01


    asnowdsc_4985_01 asnowdsc_5015 asnowdsc_5048_01 asnowdsc_5058 asnowdsc_5084_01 asnowdsc_5099 asnowdsc_5101 asnowdsc_5108_01 asnowdsc_5119 asnowdsc_5139_01 asnowdsc_5161 asnowdsc_5185 asnowdsc_5188 asnowdsc_5216_01 asnowdsc_5232 asnowdsc_5254_01 asnowdsc_5273


    I forgot a bunch of pics in the original post!

    Here they are, including the twins getting extensions.

    abraidsraydsc_5502 abraidsraydsc_5488 abraidsraydsc_5475 abraidsraydsc_5472 abraidsraydsc_5453 abraidsraydsc_5439 abraidsraydsc_5423bw


    Although they loved it, it took a long time to get done and their personalities did not do well for sitting and having someone else do it.

    abraidsraydsc_5389 abraidsraydsc_5380


    It was fun to have for a while though!

    acadendsc_6151 acadendsc_6132 acadendsc_6104 abraidsraydsc_5544


    This made my heart melt when I took it.

    So cute.


    On the bridge at Ray Harral.